Prince Charles and Waitrose blasted over Duchy Organic ice-cream

Prince Charles has been blasted for the high level of sugar in his Duchy Organic ice cream.
The heir to the British throne and his Duchy Originals firm joined forces with Waitrose – which owns the brand licence – to form Duchy Organic but Action on Sugar says the brand’s ice-cream contains almost twice as much sugar as some other brands.
Kawther Hashem, a nutritionist and researcher at Action on Sugar, said: “Unhealthy foods are the biggest cause of death and disability in the UK and it is time the food industry took their responsibility for this seriously.
“They now need to make this a priority and ensure children are not eating three times their daily maximum intake of sugar.”
However, a spokesperson for Waitrose said: “The sugar content is clearly labelled and we sell a range of vanilla ice creams with a significantly lower sugar content, which our customers can choose if they want a healthier option.
“Reducing sugar is a top priority and we have an extensive reformulation programme to achieve this, which has already included significantly reducing sugar in chilled juices, cereals, yoghurts, soups, cordials and fizzy drinks.”
According to the Daily Telegraph, Duchy Organic vanilla ice cream has 14.5g of sugar per 100g while Asda’s has 7.9g.