Princess Diana’s niece is jealous of the homeless

Princess Diana’s niece is envious of the homeless.
Kitty Spencer – whose family are said to be worth around £100 million – says she admires people who have had to sleep on the streets because they have a focus to their lives that she lacks.
Kitty – who is an ambassador for Centrepoint in London which accommodates and trains homeless people aged 16 to 25 – told The Times newspaper: “The young people that have come out of Centrepoint are so focused on one thing.
“They know exactly what they want to do and what their talents are. So for that I envy them.
“I do battle with what it is that I really want to set my mind to.”
While she loves doing work for Centrepoint – of which her cousin Prince William is a patron of – she admits she finds it emotionally draining at times.
Kitty – who is the daughter of Diana’s brother Earl Spencer and his ex-wife Victoria – said: “The first day I did a Centrepoint sports day I left feeling on a high, I felt ‘What an amazing way to spend my time’.
“And then I got home and my boyfriend asked me ‘How was Centrepoint?’. I said I actually can’t talk about it.
“It suddenly came crashing. Because some of them were really, really young and some of them just looked so weak and you just think, ‘Where are your parents?'”
As well as working at Centrepoint, she also works four days a week for the military charity Give Us Time, which matches soldiers in need to a family holiday with holiday homes and timeshares owned by British families.