Princess Diana was big Brookside fan

Princess Diana used to watch ‘Brookside’ with her hair stylist.
Sam McKnight has revealed he and the Princess of Wales – who was tragically killed in a car crash aged 36 in 1997 – used to sit down to watch the Channel 4 soap of an evening when he was working on her tresses.
He said: “I saw Diana every week when I was in London – we’d often watch Channel 4 soap ‘Brookside’ at the Palace together while I was doing her hair and I went on a number of her official trips.”
As well as styling the hair of several celebrities, including Cindy Crawford, Sam is known for creating the late royal’s crop look and admits he had “no idea” how much attention he would come under after cutting off Diana’s locks.
In a piece for the Daily Mail newspaper, he wrote: “She asked me, ‘What would you do with my hair if I gave you free rein?’ Feeling brave, I said, ‘I would cut it all off.’
“She was convinced immediately.
“‘Let’s do it,’ she said. So I cut it off there and then. I had no idea what was about to ensue. The style became front page news and there were journalists camped outside my parents’ house — they had to move out for two weeks.
“That was one of the cuts that women suddenly wanted. You saw it everywhere — on the High Street, on newsreaders – it was a real counterpoint to big Eighties hair, part of a sportier, more androgynous look, but, because it was Princess Diana, it was still hugely feminine.”