David Attenborough praises Queen Elizabeth

Sir David Attenborough has praised Queen Elizabeth for “thinking about the future”.
The 90-year-old TV presenter enjoyed a chat with the 90-year-old monarch at a reception for the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy (QCC) – a project aiming to great a worldwide network of protected Commonwealth forests – at Buckingham Palace last night (15.11.16).
Speaking at the event, he said: “I am immensely grateful to Your Majesty for showing great leadership by putting your name to the Commonwealth Canopy.
“We are fortunate that you are still thinking about the future and how to make this a better world.”
David and Elizabeth were seen enjoying a laugh and joke together at the event, which was also attended by Prince Philip, Princess Anne and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.
The brainchild of the initiative, Labour MP Frank Field, was also there and he emphasised the importance of the project.
He said: “It seemed an obvious way for the Commonwealth to do politics in a different way because now it’s the second biggest organisation responsible for rainforests after Brazil.
“So the Commonwealth has a place at the top table when we’re discussing the future of rainforests in a way it never had when it was just wonderful pieces of forest here and there.”