Sarah Ferguson ‘happy’ for Princess Beatrice

Sarah Ferguson is “happy” that Princess Beatrice is “living” life to the full since she split from her long-term boyfriend.
The Duchess of York has opened up about her 28-year-old daughter and her ex Dave Clark ending their 10-year relationship and how she has been leading a “fun” life as a singleton ever since.
She told The Australian Women’s Weekly: “It’s 10 years since she was 18 and they first got together, so now she’s living. It’s kind of fun. She called and said ”Now what do I do mum?’. She’s never been dating. But I’m happy for her that she’s starting a new journey.”
The British royal is said to have called time on their relationship following make-or-break talks over whether they should get married.
At the time, a source explained: “After ten years together, Beatrice and Dave had to wonder why they were not married.
“They talked it through and decided to take time apart to reflect on the future. They remain friends and the decision to break up was mutual.”
Beatrice is reported to have been disappointed that Dave never asked her to marry him after she moved to the US to be with him.
Sarah, 57, was said to be shocked by the news at first.
An insider said: “Sarah considers Dave to be part of the family. She is very sad it didn’t work out. They have been together longer than many marriages last.”