Prince George’s favourite dinosaur is T-Rex

Prince George’s favourite dinosaur is T-Rex because he’s the “noisiest”.
The Duchess of Cambridge attended an event at London’s Natural History Museum on Tuesday (22.11.16), where she talked about her son’s obsession with the extinct animals and admitted he probably likes the genus of coelurosaurian theropod best because it is the “scariest”.
Speaking to young children at the event, she said: “Does anyone like T-Rex?
“The boys probably … George likes T-Rex. I think probably because it’s the noisiest and scariest. George absolutely loves dinosaurs.”
The three-year-old royal – the son of Prince William – is known as being a massive dinosaur fan and visits the museum with his parents and his 18-month old sister Princess Charlotte all the time.
Duchess Catherine, 34, met with representatives of various museums earlier this year and told Nicky Wilson from Jupiter Artland in West Lothian about their regular trips to the landmark.
Nicky said: “The Duchess said George comes here a lot. We were talking about children interacting with sculpture and contemporary art and he loves doing that.
“He loves 3D three-dimensional sculptures. He does come here [Natural History Museum] quite often.”
George is also a keen tennis player and loves red arrows.