Prince Harry helps save endangered baby turtles

Prince Harry has helped save endangered baby turtles by releasing them into the sea.
The 32-year-old royal – who is currently on a tour of the Caribbean in place of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth – went to Lovers’ Beach on the Island of Nevis in the Caribbean on Wednesday (23.11.16) where he helped volunteers from the Nevis Turtle Group get five of the little reptiles back into their habitat after they were caught tangled in thick vegetation.
When the flame-haired hunk was handed more of the turtles, he said: “A whole team!”
And as they trotted off along the beach, Harry said: “Look at the energy they have as well. He’s waiting for the water to come to him – that’s really clever.”
One of the volunteers, Thema Ward said: “Harry was excellent. He got right down there digging with us and we weren’t expecting that.
“He is so down to earth – like his mum was.
“She blended right like a real person when she was here and Harry did the same.”
The day before (22.11.16), Harry visited a secondary school and got his hands dirty gutting a fish on the island of Barbuda.
He had to remove the internal organs from a snapper when he visited Sir McChesney George High School.
He joked with 13-year-old Jenessa Gray, and said : “You’re going to take this home? Don’t tell your parents I gutted it.”
The fame-haired hunk, who by this point had his hands inside the dead fish, laughed about how unprofessional he must look and how unlike TV’s ‘The Great British Bake Off’ it felt.
He quipped: “How long have we got? Not exactly ‘Bake Off.'”