Prince Harry bullied on the pitch at school

Prince Harry was seen as someone to “smash up” on the rugby field at school.
The 34-year-old royal has opened about his violent experiences playing the ball game as a youngster and how people would specifically target him.
In a new documentary called ‘Beyond The Tryline’, he admitted: “People would see me on the rugby field as an opportunity to smash me up and actually there was people in my own school during inter-house rugby competitions that would be me up, not beat me up but would put in bigger tackles because it was me. But certainly in school inter-house is where I got injured the most.”
The flame-haired hunk – who is dating ‘Suits’ actress – Meghan Markle – also details several injuries he has suffered over the years playing the game in the documentary.
He said: “So, look, I mean I was always prepared to take a few hard knocks.
“I like to think I managed to give a few back as well.”
Meanwhile, Harry will be the subject of a one-off ITV feature, which will follow the flame-haired royal’s “unforgettable” journey back to Lesotho in Africa where he started the charity Sentebale in 2006.
According to the press release, viewers “will bear witness as the Prince travels through the beautiful and challenging scenery to remote locations with his deeply personal aim of discovering the stories that he wants to tell to the world”.
‘Beyond The Tryline’ is released on December 5 and Harry’s documentary will air on ITV on Monday December 19 at 9.00pm.