Prince Harry jokes about sex life

Prince Harry has joked about his sex life and how it’s a “myth” that royals don’t make love.
The flame-haired hunk went red-faced when he was asked racy questions when he underwent his HIV test with pop star Rihanna in Barbados on World AIDS Day on Thursday (01.12.16).
In a bid to avoid questions about his love life, he made a joke about royals and sex when he was told by HIV counsellor, Fabian Sergeant, that sex talk was allowed in barber shops.
Harry quipped: “One of the myths is the royalty don’t have sex. And that royalty has blue blood.”
However, Fabian took it to the next level and said another folk tale is that royals don’t do oral.
He said: “Another myth is that royalty does not engage in oral sex.”
And Harry was quick to end the conversation by saying he wouldn’t being visiting a local hairdressers.
He laughed: “I’m not sitting in that [the barber’s] chair.”
The 32-year-old royal and the 28-year-old pop beauty had only met a day before at the Toast the Nation event on Wednesday (30.11.16), which was put on to mark the 50th anniversary since the country gained independence, and Harry wanted to be tested with the Bajan beauty – who has 67 million Twitter followers – to have a greater “impact” on people around the world to go and find out their HIV status.
Rihanna joked that the flame-haired hunk “dragged” her out of bed to take the test.
In a joint video interview for the BBC, she quipped: “He sent his security, they showed up at my place and dragged me out of bed and here I am.”
Getting down to the serious reason for them taking it, Harry added: “No we had a conversation last night about it.
“We knew we were going to meet each at the concert and she has such an incredible reach and is respected across millions and millions of people, especially across America, so it was an opportunity that everybody in my position would have asked them to do it.
“[Rihanna] was more than willing and so happy to help and I am so excited for the impact it’s going to have.”