Prince Harry Teams Up With Jane Goodall at a Conservation Summit – And They Share a Sweet “Chimp Greeting” Dance

Prince Harry and Jane Goodall

Photo courtesy of Twitter/HRH Prince Harry

Prince Harry met with the legendary conservationist – and Zoomer cover star – Jane Goodall today at a global leadership event with students from Roots & Shoots, an organization Goodall founded in 1991. The attendees had been selected to travel to Windsor Castle to share their projects and discuss the issues affecting their fellow young people and communities.

In an address to students, Prince Harry shared his passion for the environment, saying, “The good news is that young people like you don’t need to be convinced that we must urgently intervene [to help the planet]; you are actively doing this every single day, and your dedication to effecting change is outstanding.

“As my grandmother The Queen once said – ‘Sometimes the world’s problems are so big we think we can do little to help. On our own we cannot end wars or wipe out injustice, but the cumulative impact of thousands of small acts of goodness can be bigger than we imagine.’”



Prince Harry with Jane Goodall


Prince Harry with Jane Goodall

A sweet moment

A highlight of the event was when Goodall asked the Duke of Sussex if he remembered the “chimp greeting” she taught him when they met previously.

And, of course – Harry being Harry – he did. (Watch the video below.)