Five Thrilling Page-Turners

Every reader knows that moment. When you have to decide whether to turn out the light or just read one more chapter. With these recent releases, chances are high you’ll keep right on reading till the end — or morning light, whatever comes first.


The Outsider by Chris Culver

Culver’s first novel The Abbey became an ebook phenomenon. It features Ash Rashid, a former homicide detective, who is drawn back into his old life when his niece is murdered. The Outsider finds Rashid aiming to be a prosecutor after finishing law school, but is compelled to intervene in the investigation of the mother of one of his daughter’s friends — a crime the police seem to be ignoring. (Grand Central Publishing)

A Delicate Truth by John LeCarre

The master of the spy thriller returns with this story of a British civil servant who is dispatched to Gibraltar, for a top-secret counter-terror operation. While the operation is touted as a triumph, years later evidence surfaces that suggests a tragedy may have been suppressed and no action is too extreme to keep the secrets buried. (Viking)


Angelopolis by Danielle Trussoni

Secret societies, abduction, hidden treasure and the existence of angels embroiled in divine warfare all fuel this follow-up to the best-selling thriller Angelology. A decade has passed since we met the young nun, Evangeline, and art historian Verlaine; and the Nephilim, the angel-human hybrids, are once again on the rise. (Doubleday Canada)

Just What Kind of Mother Are You by Paula Day

An overwhelmed mother of three is wracked with guilt after her friend’s daughter is abducted while under her care. Compounding the panic is that this is the second teenage girl to have disappeared in their community. Determined to find the missing girl, the woman launches her own investigation and turns up a lot more than she bargained for. (Doubleday Canada)

The Never List by Koethi Zan

The survivor of a three-year abduction must work with the two other survivors to keep the perpetrator behind bars. As she revisits the nightmare, she discovers that the police missed a lot in their original investigation. And she must confront the realities behind  the death of the fourth captive, her best friend. (Viking)