Prince Harry: Favourites

By Chris Ritchie

Favourite music: Harry is a known admirer of UK-generated street genre dubstep, which has since spread worldwide. His favourite artist is Skream, a young producer from south London. Harry also has a passion for reggae – which is incorporated in dubstep – and visited several of Bob Marley’s former hangouts during a tour of Jamaica in 2012.

Favourite film: Having spent time on the frontline, it may not come as a surprise to hear that Prince Harry’s favourite film is Full Metal Jacket, which was released worldwide in 1987 (when he was just three). He also likes Black Hawk Down and Platoon, and has commented that war films act as “good therapy” for army recruits.

Favourite colour: Harry is proud of his trademark fiery-coloured locks, so proud that orange is claimed to be his favourite colour.

Favourite food and drink: Harry favours chicken, pizza, pasta and broccoli when in army mode, and admits to being rather lured by chocolate. His favourite drinks are orange or Coca-Cola.

Favourite shop: Harry is known to like a bargain, and shops regularly at ‘jumble sale’ store TK (TJ) Maxx