EZ Gift Picks: 5 Big Ticket Toys For Kids (If You’re Feeling Extra-Generous)

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For those looking for kids’ gifts where the adults can all pitch in—or if you’re just feeling extra-generous this year—these five hot items are at the top of most wish lists.

1. Is the most-coveted (and expensive) toy of 2016 a drone?
Go (really) big this year with a DJI Inspire 1 Pro Quadcopter Drone that retails for more than $5,600 at walmart.ca. A more pocket-friendly version is the smaller (yet still big on fun) Polaroid P100 Live Streaming Mini Drone which goes for $99.95 at Walmart, Best Buy and The Source.

2. Hoverboards are hot this year—but be cautious about purchasing
The future is here, and hoverboards are in high demand among older kids this year—but you may want to think twice about actually purchasing one. Hoverboards are two-wheeled balancing scooters and have been called dangerous on several counts. It’s challenging to balance, and riders are easily thrown off when it meets a pebble or crack in the sidewalk. There have even been issues with the lithium-ion battery catching fire. Many of the cheaper versions are made in China and lack UL certification or sport fake certification. That said, the Halo Rover Hoverboard, launched this past September, is Safety Certified UL 2272 and has an LG FireSafe Battery—but it’s pricey, at $697 (U.S.). The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Electric Hoverboard is smaller, also UL 2272 Safety Certified and available at Best Buy for $649; although most stores are already sold out. Make sure there’s a helmet and knee, elbow and wrist protectors to go along with this gift that’s suitable for teens.

3. For a safe bet, go with a gaming console
Kids of all ages (who don’t already have an Xbox One, Wii or any type of game console) will be thrilled with any device that allows them enjoy such software as Star Wars and Minecraft games. Even preschoolers get to enjoy Just Dance: Disney. Prices for the hardware are about $400 on Amazong and games run from $20 and up.

4. Start your engine!
Electric cars are another popular big ticket item this season.They aren’t exactly Teslas, but they are 6- or 12-volt battery-powered vehicles that go between five or 10 miles per hour. The Kid Trax 6 cars have giant tires with rubber traction strip tires and a truck bed that manually tilts and dumps cargo—all over the backyard! Cars retail for around $600 at Toys ‘R Us. But if you can’t afford the lease payments, consider the Pacific ATV 12V Powered Ride On for $239.95 or, for 3-4 year girls, a 6 Volt Mini Cooper Ride-On in Pink at $169.95.

5. The puck stops here! 
There’s no Zamboni necessary for this NHL Attacker Hover Hockey Table that’s large enough for four players and comes equipped with four pushers and four pucks. There’s also an automatic LED electronic scoreboard and authentic arena sounds. You’ll find this item at Canadian Tire with a price tag of $549.99 and a limited time sale price of $449.99.