Inspiration: SwimDrinkFishMusic.Com

swimdrinkfish.jpgMusic has always been a unifying force.

At the height of the Vietnam War, the cries of Pete Seeger, John Lennon and others, helped galvanize the anti-war movement. In recent years, artists penned songs to memorialize those lost in 9/11 and to lament the tragedy in New Orleans when the levees broke during Hurricane Katrina. So it’s no mystery that Bobby Kennedy Jr. is turning to the power of this universal language to help save the world’s water supply.

Chairman of the Waterkeeper Alliance, Kennedy has fought tirelessly for the preservation and restoration of our waterways, believing that everyone has the right to clean water. Enter, developed by Lake Ontario Waterkeeper and Waterkeeper organizations across Canada – a country that many believe holds the future of North America’s water supply.

The music club bridges the environment with our society’s growing propensity to head to the web for music – and Zoomers are logging on in scores (56 per cent of Canadians between 46- and 64-years-old use the Internet to download music).

The club’s goal is to unite musicians with communities that Waterkeeper organizations are involved in and already has an array of impressive artists including Bruce Cockburn, Broken Social Scene and Sarah Harmer.

Membership is $9.99, which includes a one-year PIN for the website, access to all of the songs donated exclusively for the club, plus audio clips from the artists sharing their story about why they’re involved. It also features audio Waterkeeper newsletters, a streaming version of Lake Ontario Waterkeeper’s radio program called Living at the Barricades and’s blog.

Sharing ideas creates community, and has provided space to discuss and fight for clean water – and any differences that may exist in our globalized world are quickly washed away by the unifying power of music.

— Travis Persaud