Caretrak Mobile Response for families provides peace of mind and security – anywhere, anytime

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Living situations and care scenarios for seniors and elderly are changing. Seniors are living at home as long as possible and want to maintain independence. However, they may be living with health conditions and have concerns due to natural aging.

Daughters, sons and grandchildren (also friends) play active roles in supporting their needs – and are also concerned about their well-being as they go about their daily living and responsibilities.  Often, it is a team effort where contact and care is provided by multiple family members in the same family.

A new tool from Caretrak provides peace of mind and security by providing a direct one-click connection between users and family members –  wherever they are.  Both seniors and family members can continue to fulfill life responsibilities from any location while having peace of mind of a one-click connection in case of an urgent situation.

Family members get peace of mind by knowing that they will get a call or text/email notification if anything should happen.








The unit has an enhanced speakerphone that can pick up voice up to 5 ft from the unit.  When the SOS button is pushed, a call is made to the primary care contact phone number (programmed to the device at time of setup). There is clear two-way communication directly through the pendant so you can assess the situation.

At the same time, GPS text and email alerts are sent to multiple family and care contacts (unlimited contacts included). Location information is provided in the alert in case assistance is needed. Since many families are coordinating activities together, this keeps everyone informed.

In addition, you can setup alerts to a family contact when the unit has low battery or has been powered off or on.  This will help when assisting family member with using the unit – especially for the first time

There are clear differences and advantages of Caretrak family response to current at-home emergency response buttons

  • It works anywhere Canada-wide – both inside and outside of the home
  • Direct TWO-WAY voice connection directly from the pendant to understand the situation
  • Directly supports growing family care needs and is CUSTOMIZED to call your chosen care contact
  • Sends text and email alerts to all of your contacts to keep multiple family members informed at the same time
  • Anyone in the family can call the unit to check-in at any time for any reason such as medication reminders, pick-up coordination and general check-ins
  • You can use the unit for less urgent issues or day-to-day care needs – vs emergencies only.

It’s a tool worth having!

CARP MEMBER DISCOUNT – 10% off the device & monthly service

The Caretrak unit is purchased and owned for a one-time payment of $79. The monthly service is $39.60 per month after the CARP discount (regular $44). The monthly service includes Canada-wide wireless and GPS services, 40 Canada-wide voice call minutes and text and email alerts to unlimited contacts. The cost is comparable to at-home solutions with the added benefit of Canada-wide usage, wireless and GPS services.

There is a low-risk 15-day trial period to try it out! You will get a refund for 100% of the cost of the unit

Exclusive CARP benefits

Caretrak is a proud partner of CARP. Get a free 2 year CARP membership (new or add-on to existing) and 10% off the monthly service.  Plus $10 is donated to your local CARP chapter!

Ordering is simple.  There is no landline required and no installation. Here are the steps..

  • Place your order online at or call 1-855-333-3381

You will be asked for the phone number of the primary care contact to receive the calls

Use Coupon Code ‘CARP’

  • You will receive a Welcome Letter to the account holder’s email address immediately
  • Unit is shipped to your door within 3-7 business days with a full size User Guide
  • Charge the device for 24 hours
  • Setup text/email alerts to your contacts on your Caretrak Portal (access and login provided in the Welcome Letter)

The device is assigned a unique phone number that can be called from any phone (shown on Caretrak Portal). Give this number to your family and care contacts for check-in calling when needed






EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: 1-855-333-3381