Healthy ways to feast on Ontario’s fall harvest

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Fall has brought a fresh crop of Ontario fruit and veggies to the table. Check out these ideas for how to incorporate the bold colours and delicious flavours of our best local produce in your cooking. Let’s feast on the home harvest!

1.        Bump up your beets.

Beets add a blast of colour to food and drinks and they’re a source of potassium, iron and vitamin C, and are very high in folate. For stain-free hands, wear gloves when handling them. Add beets to a smoothie, a sandwich or a Roasted Beet, Spinach and Apple Salad.

2.        Simmer some soups.

Fall’s hearty veggies are the perfect base to a nutritious bowl of soup. Make extra and freeze for quick meals on busy nights. Add some wholegrain bread and cheese for a light dinner. Try these classic seasonal recipes:

3.        Go beyond pumpkin pie.

Pumpkins aren’t just for pumpkin pie and jack-o’-lanterns! These fruits are loaded with vitamin A, an antioxidant that helps your skin stay strong and fight the signs of aging. They’re fantastic in soups, couscous, stews and smoothies. You must try Pumpkin Gnocchi, scrumptiously simple to make—with only 4 ingredients!

4.        Enjoy eggplant.

If you haven’t cooked with Ontario eggplant (aubergine), it’s time you did. This purple gem is meaty and incredibly versatile for everything from snacks, to sides, to mains. Tip: eggplant soaks up fat easily, so ease up on the oil when cooking. Stuffed Eggplant is a stunner and oh-so delectable.


5.        Mix up your mashes.

Crave the comfort of mashed potatoes on a cold evening? Make-ahead Mashed Potatoes are a definite hit. Or try different veggies for your mash—like local squash, cauliflower or carrot. Give this a go: Squash Mash Cottage Pie. Made with ground turkey, it’s a healthier alternative to shepherd’s pie. Bonus for carb-counters: squash has a lower glycemic index than potatoes.

6.        Master the muffin.

Make a batch of healthier muffins and freeze for on-the-go snacks or when friends pop in for coffee. Fruits and veggies add fibre, nutrients and natural sweetness. These Carrot Banana and Pear Muffins contain only ¼ cup of honey. Don’t forget to use Ontario carrots and pears!

7.        Discover all the best of fall at Metro.

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