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By Janice Gair, ThirdQuarter Associate

In our fast-paced world we don’t often take the time to really determine what we want, or we spend too many hours trying to figure it out which leaves us feeling exhausted.

Whether you are interested in leadership development, career change, tackling personal and professional goals, coaching can guide you to your preferred future.

A coach will focus on an existing issue (from which to move away) or a specific outcome that the individual wishes to achieve (move towards). In both cases, the coach aims to stimulate the coachee to uncover innate knowledge so they can achieve a sustainable result.

While there are numerous coaching structures, one unifying feature is the predominantly facilitating style.  The coach mainly asks questions and challenges the coachee but does not suggest answers.

This differs from a counsellor who will more than likely work with you to resolve past issues and may delve deeper into psychological issues that are blocking progress in certain areas of your life.   Depending on the issue sometimes a person will work with both a counsellor and a coach.

Working with a certified coach allows you to gain personal insights on your strengths and motivations while giving yourself permission to explore new ways of thinking and discovering your new way forward. It holds you “capable” to determine the plan and your accountability structure.

Science tells us that when prompted with the right question our brain will circumvent its regular patterns and find new and innovative solutions. Your coach has the right questions. You have the new perspective within you. Discover it together.

Coaching assessment tools can help you better understand why you do what you do. Understanding yourself better is essential to your success and happiness in both personal and professional environments.

Professional coaching has a number of benefits including: fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater personal effectiveness and increased confidence.

ThirdQuarter, a recruitment service for people in the “third quarter” of their working careers, has adopted the coach approach when working with job seekers and is pleased to partner with Janice Gair Coach to help both candidates and companies develop and reach their capabilities.

“Our recruitment advisors take a personal approach by connecting with candidates, reviewing their resume and obtaining additional information to add to the candidate’s profile,” explains Sue Barkman, president and CEO ThirdQuarter. “Through our partnership with CARP, ThirdQuarter holds an ongoing series of free job and coaching cafes exclusively at ZoomerShows across Canada and monthly at the CARP head office.”

Janice is fully accredited as a Certified Executive Coach from Royal Roads University and a
member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Janice welcomes your questions.  Contact her by email at:  [email protected]

For more information on ThirdQuarter or coaching cafes visit or call toll-free at 1.855.286.0306 to speak with a recruitment advisor.

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