The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve


The single malt market has been one of the most dynamic in the last decade, a taste-maker in the growing consumer preference for spirits of authenticity and superior quality.

But long before single malt whisky there was Scottish moonshine. Harsh liquor ran off of illicit stills in the remote northern highlands, a world away from the polished and prized malts of Speyside which are now among the most widely enjoyed in the world.

Amidst the swill of crude bothies, one man sought to craft exemplary whisky. George Smith, granted a license to distill in 1824, crafted a distinctively smooth dram that set the foundation for his brand, officially earning it the title of The Glenlivet.

For almost 200 years, The Glenlivet has contributed to the sophisticated character of Speyside whiskies. Founder’s Reserve is a toast to George Smith’s original vision. Its particular fruitiness is born of lantern shaped copper pot stills with elongated necks while its creamy sweetness results from patient aging first in seasoned oak and then in first-fill American oak casks.

Original and contemporary, Founders Reserve is a nod to the past with a gaze fixed steadily on the future. A liquid tribute to the commitment of quality and excellence adopted almost two centuries ago by George Smith.

Tasting Notes:

Founder’s Reserve has delicate aromas of citrus fruit and delivers sweet fruity notes of zesty oranges and pears with a hint of caramel apples and a creamy and smooth finish.


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