Aberlour: Secrets of the Cask


Nestled in the heart of Speyside, one of Scotland’s most prolific whisky regions, is Aberlour. The legendary single malts produced here are famed for their smoothness and complexity. Spicy and powerful yet silken and sophisticated, the secret to Aberlour’s whiskies lies in
the cask. Aberlour 12 is double cask matured, resulting in a dram with remarkable personality and dimension.

Traditional American oak barrels and seasoned sherry butts are selected to mellow the sharp and fruity new distillate. As the spirit interacts with these two different varieties of wood, the fine subtleties of Aberlour 12 are gently coaxed out over the course of many years, allowing flavours to mingle, develop and mature.

First fill Bourbon casks contribute a distinct creaminess along with indulgent notes of toffee and chocolate. The Spanish sherry butts enhance the spirit’s inherent fruitiness and spice, contributing to a warm, lingering finish. Double cask maturation ensures that the finished whisky is one of impeccable quality, with a captivating richness and depth. Spicy and well-rounded with a pleasant intensity, Aberlour 12 is perfect for any occasion.

Often enjoyed by Europe’s kings and queens, G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge became the benchmark for what is now one of the world’s largest and most illustrious Champagne houses. The red silk ribbon of the Cordon Rouge, a banner of quality and prestige since 1876, still adorns the neck of every bottle of premium wine from Maison Mumm. A complex and regal Champagne that is bright and sumptuous with aromas of dried fruits and honey.

It strikes an elusive harmony between freshness and intensity. Renowned for its excellence, Mumm Cordon Rouge is proudly crafted to uphold the motto of its founder, Georges Hermann Mumm: “Only the best.” It makes a gorgeous gift or an indulgent aperitif for seasonal feasts, the perfect Champagne for sharing special moments with those you cherish most.

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