Canadian Whisky on the Rise: J.P. Wiser’s Double Still Rye


During the thirteen long years that Prohibition loomed over the U.S., readily bootlegged Canadian rye whisky became the drink of choice in smoke-filled speakeasies and underground gambling dens. Almost a century after repeal, whisky is in strong demand and true Canadian rye is snagging the spotlight once again.

At the forefront of this category is J.P. Wiser’s, Canada’s oldest continuously produced whisky family, which has been dedicated to quality and craftsmanship since it was founded by J.P. Wiser in 1857. Now produced at the Hiram Walker Distillery in Windsor, Ontario, the largest distillery in North America and a major hub of Canadian whisky innovation, J.P. Wiser’s upholds its longstanding reputation of quality while actively shaping the future of rye whisky.

J.P. Wiser’s most recent release, Double Still Rye, employs traditional techniques to craft a Canadian whisky with a bolder, decidedly contemporary profile.

Taking an authentic Canadian approach, Double Still Rye undergoes two distillation processes. This double distillation contributes a sprawling spectrum of flavours, intensifying the natural qualities of the locally sourced rye grain.

The first distillation takes place in a short copper column still, producing a robust spirit laden with grain character. A second spirit passes through a copper pot still, concentrating the delicate floral, fruit and spice notes that characterize true rye whisky.

Premium Canadian whisky is finished by masterfully blending fully matured spirits from a single distillery to create an integrated and nuanced product. Once aged to perfection in white oak barrels, which takes anywhere from four to nine years, these two very different rye whiskies are blended together under the watch of J.P. Wiser’s Master Blender, Dr. Don Livermore, to make Double Still Rye.

“Double Still Rye is crafted with purpose,” says Dr. Livermore. “There are two ways of distilling whisky in Canada, and we’ve combined these methods to create an exceptional, innovative product. Double Still Rye is how I imagine a modern Canadian whisky – it’s traditional, but bolder – perfect for the evolving palate.”

We believe the dynamic characteristics of J.P. Wiser’s Double Still Rye are best expressed at a higher proof, so the whisky is bottled at 43.4%, a nod to the original strength of Canadian whiskies.

Glossy amber in the glass, Double Still Rye has an intense nose of rye bread and spices with softer notes of green apples, dried fruits and flowers, toasted nuts and honeycomb with overarching whiffs of smoky vanilla.  Silky on the palate, with flavours complementary to the aromas; toasted rye, dried fruits, roasted chestnuts and fresh green apple finished with vanilla and praline. Rye spices leave a warm and agreeable lasting impression.

Just as enjoyable neat or on the rocks as it is in classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Manhattan and Whisky Sour.