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Travelling is an art form. The heart of the travel artist seeks a type of experience that will put them in the driver seat of their vacation, let them explore an area on their terms, and offer them a new way to immerse themselves in the culture around them. With Le Boat you do just that. Find yourself while getting lost in a vineyard, unite with locals over a table of fresh local cuisine; chase down the horizon on your very own private canal boat.

Cruising with Le Boat in any of its 8 countries of operation: France, Belgium, England, Ireland, Scotland, Holland, Germany and Italy, allows you to be the captain of your own private canal cruiser. Not a boater? Not to worry. There is no experience or license needed for this type of vacation, just a readiness for a new adventure. If you can drive a car, you can self-skipper a Le Boat cruiser.

Fine wine, gourmet gastronomy, history, art, charming markets and medieval towns are just the beginning of all the splendors the Canal du Midi has to offer; as well as being a perfect place for a first time Le Boater. Let the soul of France run through you as you travel along the Midi, transporting you from an ordinary French vacation – to an extraordinary experience. Taste your way through the area that has become one of the most popular destinations for wine enthusiasts, and whose canals once served as the primary transit to the vineyards of one of France’s largest and most prolific wine regions, the Languedoc-Roussillon.

If time-travel is what you seek, chase down history as you walk through beautiful medieval towns filled with character and charm. Make your way through the winding corridors of the castle in Carcassonne and feel the pulse all of those who have traveled the same steps you are taking. Let the landmarks of yesteryear enthrall your sense of imagination as you personally explore the monuments that have endured the passing years.

Bike or stroll along the canal side of the Midi and revel in the natural beauty that is France. Let the cobble stone streets guide you through small towns that have inspired generations from all around the world. Feel the warmth of the sun caressing your skin at Port- Cassafières harbor while admiring the architectural beauty of the village of Carpestang.

Nourish yourself with authentic gourmet French cuisine. Gastro-tourism meets its match along the waters of the Canal du Midi. Choose from an array of markets filled with choice produce and local delicacies. Simply moor your boat up alongside of the canal, walk into town and shop to your hearts content. Visit a provincial bakery for fresh French baked-goods – perfect for breakfast or your afternoon picnic in the countryside. Spend your evenings in fine dining restaurants, local eateries, or even in the comfort of your boat cooking in your own full loaded kitchen.

Each journey holds a unique story, and with Le Boat you are the author. Linger at the areas you want to enjoy a while longer, and move when you’re ready to visit the next amazing location. Navigate the waters of the canal the same way you navigate your vacation – at your own pace. Do the things you truly want to do, without being obligated to follow an itinerary with a hoard of other tourists following the same travel-plan.

Use Le Boat’s vacation specialists who are experts in helping you find information, attractions and events going on in whatever area you choose to explore. Or, use the Le Boat App which can direct you to each area’s best kept gems.

Using Europe’s leading boating vacation company, Le Boat, is the travel artist’s dream. Whichever Europe you choose to discover, discover it aboard you very own Le Boat cruiser. As a CARP member you save an additional 5% on your Le Boat vacation.

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