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Say ‘yes’ to all the great experiences that life has to offer!

Say ‘yes’ to the activities you have always loved but have recently had to put on hold while you figure out how you can join in on a family swim at the lake and keep your glasses dry at the same time! The happiness, satisfaction, and even health benefits you enjoy from your favourite activities and interests does not have to be hindered by your glasses getting in the way.

Until recently, it has seemed that the older we get the more we have to come to terms with juggling between different sets of glasses and maybe even opting out of activities that we normally love due to the hassle associated with our frames. IRIS wants you to live your life uninhibited, and crystal clear frame-free vision is a great way to start!

Your Vision Correction Options

Multifocal Contact Lenses: One lens, many functions

For many of us, the need for clear vision at any distance, near and far is an important eye concern. While progressive lenses are an excellent tool to help navigate between tasks like reading and driving, many of us would appreciate an option that allows this same great vision without the glasses. Multifocal contact lenses are a great alternative. Working much like a progressive lens but in contact form, multifocal contact lenses allow excellent and accurate vision correction for most daily activities with the added bonus of freedom from frames!

Laser Vision Correction

Those of us with glasses and contacts truly understand the incredible value in visual freedom. Imagine waking up in the morning and not having to put on glasses to read the alarm clock! What a way to start the day! For a safe option for frame-free vision for patients aged forty and over, IRIS Ophthalmology Clinic offers PRESBYOND from Carl Zeiss. This technology increases the depth of vision in both eyes with a specialization in each, one for distance and near vision. This procedure will allow you to maintain depth perception while providing functional vision near and far giving you the freedom to sign up for those scuba lessons you’ve always wanted!

Intraocular Lens

It is an incredible thing to be able to witness the advancements that have taken place in the vision world over the past twenty years. People now not only have solutions to their vision needs, but also choices. The freedom to choose whatever treatment suits their lifestyle and health profile best. Intraocular lenses are a new and exciting technology that has opened the door to allow people with a variety of different prescriptions the benefits of vision correction procedures. After a thorough assessment of your vision needs, your surgeon will select a specific intraocular lens for your unique treatment. For many patients, this treatment can provide a range of vision from distance to near, minimizing the need for glasses, and even correcting astigmatism! Bonus! You won’t have to deal with cataracts!

With so many options available, the freedom to move seamlessly from one task to another and enjoy all the best experiences life has to offer is completely possible at any age. Make your vision simple so that the most difficult task you face in a day is scheduling all your fun!

Find out if you are a candidate for these vision correction options by visiting your local IRIS store. For more information, visit iris.ca.

Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses whenever you head out to enjoy the sun!

CARP Member Benefits from IRIS:

  • $50 Sunglasses Certificate
  • $50 Eye Wear Certificate
  • $100 Cash Back on any frame with fully coated lenses
  • $500 Laser Vision Correction Certificate