4 Tips To Make Your Kitchen Renovation A Success

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Long gone are the days when kitchens were used only for cooking. Family and friends gathering in the kitchen, enjoying food and drink, celebrating moments big and small is how kitchens are utilized every day throughout the GTA. Home renovations that open up main floor living spaces, link dining, cooking and entertainment areas and update style and layout enable the kitchen to remain the center of household activity.

Paul Napolitano and Royal Home Improvements have been helping homeowners realize their kitchen renovation dreams for over 40 years.  A residential renovation general contractor serving Toronto and surrounding area, Royal Home Improvements has the experience and the team to design and build your kitchen renovation. “The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home and also one of the most important spaces to get right during a renovation,” says Napolitano. “A well thought out design and good planning are important components of a successful renovation.”

There are some simple things you can do during the preparation and design stages that will help make your kitchen renovation a smooth and successful one.

You and Your Kitchen. Before you begin the kitchen design make a list of how you use (and want to use) the kitchen. Beyond cooking meals, is the function of your kitchen baking, entertaining, morning coffee, hosting dinner parties for twenty, homework or all the above? “It’s important that your design reflects how this important space will be used,” says Napolitano. “This way you’ll have a goal for the renovation.”

Consider Your StyleThe style and décor choices made in a kitchen renovation are numerous and include cabinetry style/colour, counter top, back splash, paint, flooring, taps, faucet, sink, appliances and lighting. “You want the new space to work functionally and stylistically. And you want your renovated kitchen to compliment the style in the rest of your home,” says Napolitano. This can be especially important if you are removing walls and integrating the kitchen with dining and entertaining spaces. Incorporating elements like new flooring, wall colours or lighting into adjacent rooms can facilitate the transition from room to room.

Design Within a Budget. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the choices to be made (colours, materials, patterns, styles) and the products to pick from for a kitchen renovation. Having an experienced designer is extremely helpful. However, without clarity about what is most important you can end up with a design that exceeds your budget. There are options (high, mid and lower priced) available for every component or decision so you can always find something that fits. But decide whether it is more important to have the latest cook top and a built-in refrigerator or a quartz countertop, high-end plumbing fixtures and a bigger island. For some people flooring is critical and for other people it is the lighting. Setting priorities early will help ensure the design and up-front decision making is completed on time and without pushing you over budget.

Don’t Delay Decisions. “One of the traps homeowners fall into when renovating is late stage decisions about products and finishes,” says Napolitano. “Cabinetry, countertops and appliances can take between 6 and 8 weeks to arrive, and even longer during the busy periods.” To avoid having your renovation extended by weeks follow these tips: 1) create an Idea book now and fill it with images of kitchens, designs and styles that appeal to you, and 2) work with an experienced renovator, like Royal Home Improvements, who can guide you through the entire process – from design to completion – ensuring you know when decisions need to be made.

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