The Ins and Outs of Vaginal Dryness


Trying to have a satisfying sex life with vaginal dryness is a drag. I mean, there’s nothing like a dry rub to really get you going, right? It’s time to wet your whistle and heighten the intimacy with your partner. Read on to discover how to get through your rough patch for smooth sailing.

Oh where, oh where is my estrogen?
Vaginal dryness is all too common—about half of all post-menopausal women experience it.1 The declining estrogen is what’s causing your well to run dry. Your ovaries are simply producing less of this oh-so important hormone2 that keeps the vagina moisturized.3 And while many of us put on the pounds during this time in our lives, one body part is getting thinner: your vaginal wall.4 This makes your vagina less flexible and elastic.5 It’s not surprising that many of us also experience sensitivity, soreness, or pain during intercourse.6 Lucky us.

Hormone therapy? Maybe.
Some women treat their vaginal dryness by topping up their estrogen with hormone therapy. Estrogen is available in a variety of forms, including pills, skin patches and gels, and vaginal creams and rings.7 But hormones may not be the right choice for everyone. So what’s a girl to do about dryness? Say goodbye to her sex life? No way. Say hello to lube.

Lubrication for stimulation
Sex doesn’t have to hurt. The simplest solution to more comfortable, satisfying sex is a personal lubricant. Make sure to avoid oil-based lubricants like baby oil and petroleum jelly, which can weaken latex and cause condoms to break (not to mention the vaginal irritation they can cause).A water-based lubricant such as K-Y® is the better choice—it’s both non-staining and compatible with latex condoms.

Experiment in merriment
Feel sexy and discover a whole new way to connect with your partner with the versatile range of K-Y® intimacy products. They help ease vaginal dryness and discomfort by helping to restore the natural feeling of carefree excitement during sex. For discreet relief of dryness that’s safe to use regularly, K-Y is the brand most trusted by couples and the #1 brand recommended by doctors.9

Try K-Y when you’re dry
There are so many varieties of K-Y products to try.

The old favourite go-to, K-Y® JELLY has been around since 1904. It provides the comfort and natural feeling that allows you and your partner to enjoy comfortable sex on an ongoing basis.

Want to make the moment last a little longer? K-Y LIQUID® delivers enhanced moisture and lubrication so you can have fun together for hours on end.

To enhance pleasure and touch, try the seductively silky smooth K-Y® SENSUAL SILK®. It’s a light, long-lasting formula that feels soft and sexy on your skin.

Feeling a chill in bed? Warm up with K-Y WARMING® JELLY. This silky-smooth lubricant warms on contact with your skin, sparking your imagination—and your senses.

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