5 Surprising Ways to Use Your Smartphone

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Cell phones, and especially smartphones, have changed countless aspects of our everyday lives: how we communicate, how we get around or even the way we shop. But, we probably only know a fraction of the numerous things we can do with our phones.

We put together a few surprising ways to use your smartphone so you can do more as well.

1. Grocery shopping

No matter where you grocery shop, most supermarkets have an app to tell you what’s on sale, the latest coupons available or even order your full grocery list from your phone.

You can write down your grocery list on a piece of paper or use one of these apps to store the information for you. Build the list, see what’s on sale, get additional discounts and store your loyalty card.  Now, everything is on your phone so you’ll never forget your grocery list at home again. (Don’t forget your phone at home)

2. Have questions?

How often do you run into a question you don’t have an answer for, or something you would like to know?

Did you know you could literally ask Google, or your favourite search engine about anything, from the palm of your hands? Indeed, just open your browser and enter keywords related to your questions. For example, “100 inches in centimeters” and the Internet will get you that answer or if you want to learn more about gardening, watch a tutorial on your favourite video site.

Knowledge is there, on the Internet, and you just need to access it. Don’t forget, to access it, you need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network or, on the go, activate the data in your smartphone plan.

3. Light up your way

How often do you wish you had a torch/flash light? Can’t find your keys in your bag, looking for something that just felt down? In numerous occasions, an additional source of light could be handy.

Using the flash from your camera, some apps cam help you light up the room. And, If your device is not equipped with a flash, you can always take advantage of your screen by adjusting its brightness. There are apps that also help you do that in an easier way than changing all your screen settings.

Search for a free torch/flash light app on your app store and, if you are looking for additional features, you can always pay a few bucks for it. You’ll be happy to have it when you need it.

4. Be active and stay fit

With a big screen and audio capacity, a smartphone could become your own personal trainer, without the hourly fee. And, if you think driving across the city to the gym isn’t fun, what about working out from the comfort of your home without any heavy equipment?

Whether you are looking for stretching tips, a workout routine or explanations on how to perform an exercise, search the app store for an app that matches your workout needs and level.

5. Listen to the world

Do you miss listening to the radio from your home town or just want to listen to the news on the go?

Your favourite radio station may have its own app or its website might let you livestream. Also, a lot of people enjoy listening to radio content from anywhere and about anything. Apps like TuneIn Radio can let you do that by giving you access to thousands radio channels.

Want to be on the latest trend? Look for podcasts. Podcasts are like TV shows, but in an audio format. Don’t expect any images of course, but imagine being able to listen to the radio about that specific subject that you like, and nothing else: cooking, sports, real estate, you name it!

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