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Caretrak Mobile Response with GPS—New in Canada!

Today, for busy boomers balancing work and raising families, the challenges of providing support and caring for loved ones are amplified by the fact that members of the same family live and work in different places. Also seniors prefer to live independently in their own homes and enjoy more active lives outside of the home. Most of the time, all is well but every once in a while… something happens.  How can everyone feel more safe and secure? Often, it is a team effort where contact and care is provided by multiple family members as well as health professionals.

Good news.. Caretrak can help with its one-click connection to care – Anywhere, Anytime.

Kevin has a full-time job with two kids. His sister and brother living in different cities want to keep their eye on their mother Anna who lives alone. Anna is healthy but has arthritis and is at risk of falling.

Kevin recently purchased a Caretrak Mobile Response Unit with GPS so that his mum can push the button if she feels unsure or needs assistance, 24/7. Kevin and his siblings set up notifications with text and email alerts if the button is pushed. Now everyone feels more comfortable and relaxed now that help is close by for Anna if it’s needed.

The Caretrak solution is the evolution of mobile personal response units made popular by the, “I’ve fallen and can’t up” tagline. The amazing benefit is that it works beyond home boundaries, from the garden to the shopping mall or parking lot and anywhere else you could imagine, Canada-wide.

Using wireless and GPS technologies, when the SOS button is pushed, Caretrak initiates a two-way call and the user’s GPS location is recorded and sent. At the same time, text and email alerts are sent to all of the pre-programmed contacts to advise them of the situation.

See How it Works

Unique to Caretrak… the choice of two response options – Family Response or Emergency Response.

The Family Response option is tailored to meet the needs of family caregivers. The unit is programmed to call your care contact of choice. It can be used for less urgent concerns such as a minor injury or being lost – situations where emergency 911 assistance isn’t immediately required. With the check-in calling feature, any family member or care contact can call the unit. It has its own phone number – like a cell phone with its own private wireless connection.

Alternately, the Emergency Response option provides 24/7 response by a certified emergency response centre. Family members are still informed via text and email alerts.

And, more good news for families, there is no installation or landline required. The unit is shipped to your door ready to use and has a 15-day low risk trial period. It’s also priced a few dollars more than some at-home solutions and starts at $39.60/month after a care discount.

Exclusive CARP Rewards – for those new to CARP or existing members…

There are other valuable benefits including a free 2-year CARP membership (new or added to your existing membership). You also get a 10% discount on services with a $10 donation to your location CARP chapter. Reference CARP at the time of purchase.

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