A world without dementia starts with your legacy

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We all want to be remembered, to feel like we contributed something to the world. Our legacy for our friends and family could be many things –  good times, courageous actions or warm feelings – or whatever they remember.

Did you know that the first step to documenting your legacy – the way you want it to be – is creating your Will? Your Will helps clarify who you are and what you stand for.  But 50% of Canadian adults do not have a Will.

Avoidance is natural

We get it. Thinking about death is uncomfortable.  Making decisions of how to divide up your assets can be complex and scary.

But at the Alzheimer Society, we believe completing your Will and Powers of Attorney for Personal Care and Property makes you a Super Hero. Why? You are putting the needs of others before yourself and protecting what’s important.

And even if you think you “don’t have much,” a gift to a charity in your Will is the best way to reduce taxes, support a charity in the fight for good, and make a clear statement about your values.

Making a Will protects your family and your finances

Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons you need a Will:

  1. It protects those you care about, like friends or family.
  2. You can leave a bequest to your favourite charity, while still taking care of your beneficiaries.
  3. It allows a quick settlement of your estate, ensuring your assets are transferred right away.
  4. It lowers the cost of administering your estate.
  5. With proper planning, you can substantially lower the taxes on your estate.
  6. It keeps assets out of the provincial treasury if you have no next of kin.
  7. You get to decide how your assets from your life’s work are distributed.
  8. You can decide who will look after your children.
  9. When your family is grieving, you want to make sure all is taken care of for them.
  10. It makes a final statement about who you are and your legacy to the world.

Shawn’s  dilemma

A week before Shawn and her husband were to board a plane for a long-awaited trip, leaving their infant daughter with family, Shawn began to panic. If anything terrible happened, no one would know their wishes about care for their daughter, or the disbursement of their assets.

“We called a lawyer,” Shawn recalls. “In one week, we decided who our house, savings and other assets would be left to and who would become the guardian to our little girl. It was not comfortable, but it’s done. Our daughter, our assets and my peace of mind are protected. The prospect of reviewing our Wills as our lives change is no longer daunting.”

Why do it now?

At the Alzheimer Society, we understand the potential impact of procrastination. Once dementia strikes, you may be deemed not capable of creating your Will. You may be forcing your family to access your finances and health records through court proceedings, which can be time-consuming, expensive and stressful.

May is Leave a Legacy Month.  You could be our Super Hero!  We have made it as easy as possible for you with our FREE Estate Planner and Guide. (www.alzsuperhero.ca)

It will help you to prepare to meet with your lawyer or financial advisor so you are ready to create or update your Will. The Planner even has space for you to reflect on your life, memories, and what you want your legacy to be.

Be our Super Hero!  Click HERE (www.alzsuperhero.ca) to request your free Estate Planner and Guide.

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