Wellness Packages at Sparkling Hill Resort

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Sparkling Hill’s reputation as an internationally-renowned wellness center and health retreat is unparalleled. Our weeklong wellness packages provide a custom tailored experience, designed by our team of health professionals to meet your specific needs. Whether your goal is a week of stress-free relaxation or a lifestyle change supported by our Naturopathic Physician and Kinesiologists, what better way to spark your journey towards a new you than the holistic approach to vacationing found at Sparkling Hill. Learn more about our Weeklong Wellness Packages.

The heart of our destination wellness resort is KurSpa, our 40,000 square foot European-inspired spa, clinic, and wellness center. It is the largest spa in North America and shines brightly as a worldwide wellness destination. Relax, renew, and revitalize at KurSpa’s seven unique aromatherapy steam and sauna rooms. Swim in KurSpa’s three different pools and then relax in the Serenity Room with stunning panoramic views. Choose from over 100 transformative spa treatments and therapies to detoxify the body and promote optimum health. Consult with our professional team including our Naturopathic Physician, Psychiatrist, Spa providers and Kinesiologists. Or, benefit from the first European Cold Sauna (-110°C | -166F) in North America, our signature KurSpa experience.

Learn more about the KurSpa.

Wellness Tips from our Health Professional – Wellness is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a conscious decision to pay attention to all of only what is happening in the present moment; considering everything that is going on in and around one; and without giving negative tags to these experiences. If done persistently and well, it represents an extremely effective method to manage negative emotions and stress, with proven health benefits to one’s body (treating chronic pain for instance) and one’s mind (helping with reducing stress and anxiety, and improving attention and concentration, amongst other things).

We all have stress and it can be a good thing: it may sharpen us to be the best we can be at the moment; having our muscles, bones, lungs and heart be ready for the moment we are going to jump. But more often, it is an unwanted, unhealthy feeling which tires out our bodies and brains and which robs us of feeling fully appreciative of what life offers us. When that happens, when the fearful feelings are foremost in one’s mind and one is unable to be fully mindful, it needs to be addressed.

The most important thing to understand about fear is that when one runs away from it or tries to avoid it, it grows. The more one avoids it, the more one runs from it, the greater the fear becomes, and the more it makes it impossible to be mindful. Therefore, in order to gain the upper hand on it, one must face the fear and stare it down, or if that is too much, at least spend time in its company without turning your back on it. With the help of a professional, one can learn how to do that, how to change the intensity and duration of fearful emotions by changing one’s behaviour, or by changing how one thinks.

Changing one’s thoughts is even better as it teaches us to refuse to accept that the anxiety or worry is stronger than us. A rich fortune trove of tools also exists in improving the negative way one thinks about the stress or anxiety. One such method is to choose to make the anxious thought even worse. For example, we may think: “What if I get fired?” Then we need to escalate this, first by asking: “Why am I afraid of getting fired?” and the answer may be something like: “Then I don’t have money”. Once that deeper fear is identified, we need to follow the same routine: “Why am I afraid of not having money?” and go deeper and deeper with the levels of fear. Most often we land up at a place where the deepest exposed fear is clearly not even rational and a large part of that fear complex tumbles down like a set of dominoes. Sometimes we land up at fears that are at our bedrock, such as that we are fearful of shame, or criticism, or being abandoned. If we get to these types of fears, it is really useful to bring them to the attention and care of a qualified mental health professional.

Learning to relax whilst you are stressed is the most common way to deal with this. There are a great variety of relaxation methods that are not hard to learn. One can do progressive muscle relaxation techniques such as monitoring the tension in each specific muscle group in the body by tensing up and then relaxing that muscle group. Other techniques include deep breathing exercises, choosing images to focus on which one has associated with pleasant memories and sensations, yoga, or listening to soothing music. Research shows that the best music for this purpose is that which helps “entrain” the brainwaves, and keeps the heart rate to a lower-than-usual beat of about 60 per minute; with low bass tones and white-noise sounds.


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