Late Summer – Renovation Planning

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With August now closed and Autumn just over the horizon, there couldn’t be a better time to once again start thinking about that much-considered home renovation project.

Whether you are looking to remodel the kitchen before the holiday season, update the ensuite bathroom or add a sunroom, Royal Home Improvements has the skilled, professional trades and project management expertise to make those ideas come to life before the cold sets in!

Paul Napolitano, owner of Royal Home Improvements, one of Toronto’s largest and most trusted residential renovation general contractors, was asked about what to consider when planning/beginning a home renovation at this time of the year.

Renovations require planning

“All projects require planning, but especially renovations and home additions. Whether you are adding space, addressing mobility needs, or updating a room, the sooner you start to gather your ideas and put them into a formal plan, the better prepared you will be when it is time to start the renovation.” Says Napolitano.

Renovations requiring permits, municipal design approval or custom cabinetry can stretch out over weeks to months. “Royal Home Improvements project advisors and project managers help homeowners understand the design/build process and work with the homeowner to create and maintain a project schedule,” says Napolitano.

Now is the time to find a contractor

When selecting a contractor, ask for their credentials and references. Licensed and insured, Royal Home Improvements is a member in good standing with many industry associations including the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) and the national RenoMark program.  The Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) has vetted and recommended suppliers who align with the needs and values of older Canadians. Royal Home Improvements is the only CARP Recommended residential renovation general contractor in Canada.

Home and lifestyle shows are a good place to meet experts and get ideas

Napolitano recommends attending home shows in order to meet prospective contractors and get to speak with the experts. “Having a face-to-face discussion with a professional is a great way to get the ball rolling.”

Royal Home Improvements is exhibiting at the Toronto Fall Homeshow (Enercare Center Exhibition Place) on September 23-25, 2016 where homeowners can speak with experienced Project Advisors and receive assistance with design, planning and to schedule an appointment to receive a free estimate. Per Napolitano, “Royal Home Improvements project advisors meet with homeowners daily at a time and place convenient to the homeowner.”

No matter what your home improvement project goal, now is the time to select a reputable residential renovation contractor and start the design process. Although, interior renovations can proceed during any month of the year, exterior work and major additions can be impacted by winter conditions.

With Royal Home Improvements CARP members save up to $2,000 off the tax and seniors never pay tax! For more information on how Royal Home Improvements can assist you please visit or call 416-236-4400 to speak with a project advisor.