Longevi-tea – How Drinking Tea Will Keep Your Arthritis at Ease


By 50 we think it’s fair to say that you’ve won the game of life. You’ve worked jobs, you’ve had kids, you’ve contributed to the community and world around you, you’ve learned, you’ve taught, and you’ve grown.  And by 50, you’re also wiser than you’ve ever been.  Wise enough to become aware that the last main stage of your life will eventually start approaching.  And even if you don’t mentally feel any older than 30, certain new and physical evidences will remind you every day that you are getting older.  Change in your appearance, a noticeable decrease in energy levels, and perhaps the most nagging one of all – arthritis and joint pain.

In an effort to avoid medications, you spend countless hours scouring the internet for natural remedies for your inflammation and joint issues. One common remedy amongst all the articles and blogs you found: herbs.

Active senior couple biking in the park, enjoying their retirement.
Active senior couple biking in the park, enjoying their retirement.

One easy way to incorporate herbal remedies into your everyday routine is tea.  CitizenTea offers a whole herbal wellness line specially crafted based on Ayurvedic principals to help guide your body to health, and soothe your aches and pains, the natural way.

Ginger has long been used to naturally treat rheumatoid arthritis. Ginger works to decrease pain and inflammation – preventing or reducing joint damage while preserving the structure and function of the joints. CitizenTea’s Fruity Ginger adds apple, fig and melon cubes to perfectly balance the peppery taste, while pink rose buds make it as easy on the eyes as it is your joints.

And for those only bothered by joint pain when the weather changes, check out the aptly named Poor Weather tea.  Blended with peppermint, an all natural anti-inflammatory used to treat joint-pain and swelling and broadleaf plantain, an herb extensively used in natural medicine as a method for treating inflamed surfaces and swollen joints, Poor Weather is the perfect mild and caffeine-free blend for those gloomy days.

But perhaps the most overwhelming symptom of arthritis and joint issues is not a physical pain at all; it’s coming to terms with the fact that your body is changing. You are entering a new phase in your life, one that can be difficult to accept as you shift further away from youth.  You fight your inner monologue everyday that you aren’t “any less independent” just because your abilities to do the things you once used to have changed – a struggle only few will understand.

Keeping stress at bay, while difficult, is arguably the most important practice to maintain in your everyday life.  Specifically blended with this in mind, CitizenTea offers Inner Harmony.  An award-winning tea blended with licorice root, an herb known for relieving stress, and peppermint, a plant known to fight infection and boost the immune system, Inner Harmony will help keep your mind and body in perfect equilibrium. Floral notes of camomile and lavender soothe you into a harmoniously calm state, making it easier for you to remind yourself that this is just another hurdle you will overcome like the strong, capable person that you are.

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