Tackling Menopause and the Dreaded Hot Flash, the Natural Way


Your first hot flash hits you like a [flaming] sack of bricks.  It engulfs you so quickly that you genuinely believe you are on fire from the inside out.  In the middle of lunch with your girlfriends you panic.  You fanatically look around to make sure you didn’t accidentally knock over the candle-lit centerpiece while elaborately miming a rendition of your favourite Kinky Boots scene.  The heat seems to be making its way from the tips of your toes all the way to the top of your head.  A bead of sweat makes its way down the center of your back, trailing every groove of your spine.  You feel claustrophobic, yet you and your group are the only people in the entire restaurant.  You grab a napkin and begin to fan.  It’s not even remotely helping and actually feels as if it’s making things worse.  Your cheeks are flush and your hair is damp – so much for that blow-dry you got this morning.  After what feels like several painstaking hours, the heat subsides and a chill takes over.  You look around, confused and embarrassed and still panicked.  Your friends are laughing “welcome to menopause”.

And like so many times before as a woman, you feel slighted by the unfairness of biology. As if 36 years of periods and 27 collective months of pregnancy wasn’t enough, now this?

And just to add a tiny bit of salt to the wound, there are a whole host of symptoms that women experience while making this transition. Weight gain, a changing metabolism, sleep irregularity, thinning hair, dry skin, mood swings, forgetfulness and of course, the dreaded hot flashes.

In an effort to avoid medications, you spend countless hours scouring the internet for natural remedies for any, if not all of the menopausal symptoms you’ve been experiencing.  One common remedy amongst all the articles and blogs you found: herbs.

One easy way to incorporate herbal remedies into your everyday routine is with tea.  CitizenTea offers a whole herbal wellness line specially crafted based on Ayurvedic principals to help guide your body to health, the natural way.

Ginseng is one of the oldest herbal remedies for menopause.  Regarded as a “cooling and calming tonic”, Ginseng offers an herbal route to reducing hot flashes and balancing mood swings, providing you both mental and physical benefits.  CitizenTea offers a Ginseng Oolong tea for as low as $3.50.

Ginkgo biloba has long been used as a natural remedy to promote circulation, enhance cognitive function and increase memory.  CitizenTea’s Memory Enhancer blends ginkgo biloba with energizing peppermint, tangy lemon peel, and fiery cinnamon to alert your senses and offer a spicy surprise.  A well needed remedy to combat forgetfulness and confusion.

But perhaps the most overwhelming symptom of menopause is not a physiological change at all; it’s coming to terms with the fact that your body is changing.
You are entering a new phase in your life, one that can be difficult to accept as you shift further away from youth.  You fight your inner monologue everyday that you aren’t “any less a woman” just because you no longer have a monthly visit from Aunt Flo – a struggle only few will understand.  Keeping stress at bay, while difficult, is arguably the most important practice to maintain in your everyday life.  Specifically blended with this in mind, CitizenTea offers Inner Harmony.  An award-winning tea blended with licorice root, an herb known for relieving stress, and peppermint, a plant known to fight infection and boost the immune system, Inner Harmony will help keep your mind and body in perfect equilibrium. Floral notes of camomile and lavender soothe you into a harmoniously calm state, making it easier for you to remind yourself that this is just another hurdle you will overcome like the strong, resilient woman you are.

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