What if we told you there was a natural remedy to combat your sleeping issues?

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It’s not that we don’t know getting an adequate nights sleep is important, it’s that there are so many factors that make it difficult to achieve.  A big deadline.  A new medication.  Stress.  And sometimes, they aren’t even all bad!  The excitement and anticipation of getting a full day with the grandkids tomorrow, a few over-indulgences at your bi-weekly card night (clink-clink, gulp-gulp), or finishing that novel you’ve been working on no matter how hard you have to force your eyes open.  Whatever it is, we’ve all sacrificed a many nights sleep for a variety of reasons.

But in reality, sleep is an integral component of maintaining good health.  Muscle-growth, protein synthesis, and cell repair all happen while we’re catching our zzz’s.  And before you blow this off as some mumbo jumbo that happens on so deep a level we won’t notice, let me put it in terms you might be more familiar with: inadequate sleep affects your mood, memory, skin production, and ability to fight infection.

We know the remedies to a good nights sleep – shut off the t.v., avoid eating late at night, no caffeine after 5:00 pm and while we follow them religiously, we can’t help but notice a pattern – all of these rules involve taking something away; it’s no wonder we feel some sort of void. And CitizenTea wants to change that.

CitizenTea firmly believes that adding tea to your lifestyle is an integral part of your journey to wellness. CitizenTea offers many different herbal options to help soothe you in mind, body and soul in preparation for your nightly recharge.

Replace your post-dinner espresso with Calming – an herbal tea exclusive to the CitizenTea Wellness line, and let this warm and subtle green tea with hints of citrus bring you comforting, light flavours. Marigold and mallow blossoms offer relaxing floral notes, while lemon balm facilitates the relaxation of your muscles. A helpful rescue from tension headaches and stress, this citrus-floral blend will guide you into an effortlessly calm state.

While nestled in bed with your nightly crossword, sip on Sleep Well, an herbal tea blended with tulsi, an herb naturally known to reduce stress and treat insomnia and lemon balm, an herb known to facilitate the physical relaxation of your muscles. Perfect for soothing both mind and body, let the vegetal flavours of aniseed and fennel lull you to sleep.

If herbal notes and vegetal flavours isn’t exactly your favourite profile, opt for Rooibos.  Naturally caffeine-free and used for centuries in South Africa for its anti-stress effects, Rooibos is a perfect all natural way to turn off your inner monologue.  CitizenTea offers 11 varieties of Rooibos, from cherry, to ginger to citrus, you’re sure to find a blend you love.

And of course, we can forget Camomile. Just like Grandma once taught you and just like you teach the kids, Camomile is a great tea to incorporate into your nightly routine.  Used for centuries for its calming effects, CitizenTea’s Camomile is organic and the perfect remedy before bed.

And while tea is great on it’s own, commit to making it a part of your evening ritual. As humans, we like patterns and we subconsciously look for them in everything we do because finding these relationships makes the world appear more orderly and more predictable. In the busy chaotic lives we live, patterns are soothing. Developing a nightly routine is a good way to help you ease your mind. Incorporating tea into your p.m. plans is an easy way to maximize the psychological benefits that both herbal tea and a nightly routine provide.

Your journey to a blissful nights sleep begins at www.citizentea.com. Shop now and receive 25% off at checkout when you type in the promo code SLEEP.