7 Convenient Ways to Use Your Smartphone

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1. Stay connected with family and friends

Conveniently stay in touch with your family and friends using social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media can keep you in the know of your friends and family’s latest activities and travels, as well as help you share pictures with your loved ones. You can also use various messaging and calling apps like Whatsapp, Skype and Viber. With these apps, you can message and call your family and friends all over the world. Smartphones have made communicating much easier by keeping family and friends connected more than ever before.

2. Conveniently access information

Whether you have a question or want to learn something new, with a smartphone you can easily find the information you need right at your fingertips. Want to know when the Blue Jays are playing their next game? Search the answer using your phone. Want to know how to bake muffins? Use Google on your smartphone to find a recipe. Smartphones can help you find what you need, wherever you are.

3. Mobile banking

Take control, save time and stay on top of your money by using mobile banking. You can easily access your bank account information anywhere you go as long as you have a mobile connection. Skip the line at the bank and manage it wirelessly with easy access to bill payments, money transfers and account balances.

4. Mobile navigation (GPS)

Have you ever gotten lost heading to a new location? Just look for the mobile navigation app on your smartphone and type in the destination address.

It will start a voice guided step-by-step navigation instructions, while also updating you with the current traffic on your route. You can also look for nearby locations like restaurants, shopping malls and gas stations.

5. News and weather updates

Stay up to date with the latest news and weather updates with your smartphone. Want to know if it’s going to be sunny the whole week? Simply check your weather app for the most up to date weather information.

How about staying current on what is happening in the world? You can download news apps like CBC, CNN, BBC News, or other preferred news sources to stay consistently updated.

6. Book and track your appointments

Never miss your appointments when you use the calendar in your smartphone. You can easily setup an appointment, reminder or alarm to make sure you’re on time.

7. Utilities

Did you know that some smartphones have built-in apps? Apps like the clock and calculator are easily accessible for your everyday use and allow you to setup your daily alarm or perform a quick math calculation. Do you sometimes need to find your keys in your bag? Most smartphones have a torch/flashlight feature that you can easily turn on and off when you need it.


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