6 Reasons to Travel With Your Phone


Cell phones provide us with the convenience of staying in touch with our family and friends wherever we are, whenever we want!  We all know the feeling of needing to get in touch with someone while we are out – at the grocery store, while driving or out visiting a friend.

And while we are travelling the need to stay in touch doesn’t go away! Even if your communication needs change when you’re south of the border or in Europe, you should be able to reach and be reached wherever and whenever you want. Here are a few reasons why you will want to keep your Zoomer Wireless phone with you on your next trip:

There are many ways to stay in touch while you are abroad, but chances are that bringing your phone with you will be the most worry-free experience you can have: no need to learn the details of a new cell phone or to deal with the customer service of a new company, either in English or the local language. Just rely on the device you already know, and the service provider you trust.

Avoid surprise bills when you come back from your trip abroad and leave prepared and well-informed: thanks to partnerships with local cell phone carriers, roaming actually allows you to call, text, and use data on the partner’s networks while you are abroad. So, if you need to call someone in case of an emergency, you can.

Know your cost in advance
Before you depart, it is important to know what cost you might incur. Call your cell phone carrier ahead of your trip to know what options are available to you, because you never know in advance what will happen.

For example, you can purchase Travel packs with minutes, texts, and data to cover your trip dates. If you have an idea of how much you will need to use your phone, Travel packs are a great fit. However, you don’t have to buy a pack as Pay-per-use rates are available almost wherever you go.

Convenience of one number
Forget about the hassle of setting up a new number on a new device each time you travel in a different country. Just bring your phone with you so you can stay in touch whenever you want to at a number that everyone that matters knows.

Stay in touch
Sometimes when we’re away it becomes harder to stay in touch. Texts are affordable and more convenient than calling. You and your recipient can read and reply at anytime, without worrying about time difference. If you consider learning how to text, this is a great reason to start.

Stay connected
Travelling with your phone is great, but travelling with data is better. With data on your plan, you can find your way between two sight sites or translate English to the local language on the spot.

If you know how to use your phone’s mobile data when you are in Canada, you’ll be pleased to know you can do the same when you are abroad.

Time to go!

Did you know?

Zoomer Wireless provides affordable cell phone and home phone service to Zoomers across Canada, and convenient solutions to stay in touch while you are travelling abroad, such as Canada/U.S. Plans and Travel Packs.

Canada/U.S. Plans
With Zoomer Wireless Canada/U.S. plans, your phone, rates, and number are the same whether you are in the U.S. or in Canada. These plans are perfect for Canadian Snowbirds who travel back and forth between Canada aand the U.S. Off to the U.S. for a month? For 3 months? You never have to worry about cross-border calling costs, switching plans, temporary numbers or changing SIM cards ever again.

Travel Packs
Purchasing a Travel Pack makes using your phone for voice, texting, email or browsing while travelling more affordable than ever.

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