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Sail through the rugged coastlines and calm bays, and trek through the flower-dappled tundra and towering cliffs of Spitsbergen.

The Arctic might not be a place you’d normally think of visiting in the summer, when the weather back home is great. But to experience the incredible variety of wildlife and diverse flora that consider Spitsbergen home, the summer is the absolute best time to visit. As the Arctic comes to life this summer, Quark Expeditions, the Leader in Polar Adventures, offers the best selection of adventure itineraries to this vast, awe-inspiring landscape that is known as the “Realm of the Polar Bear”.

Spitsbergen, which translates to “pointed mountains,” is the largest island in the Svalbard Archipelago north of Norway, edging the Arctic Ocean, the Greenland Sea and the Norwegian Sea. You’ll explore its rocky coastlines and spectacular fjords on kayaks and Zodiacs, and trek through the colourful tundra and over soaring cliffs. A visit to Longyearbyen, the world’s northernmost town, will illuminate the region’s fascinating history and culture.

You can experience the austere beauty of Spitsbergen this summer on a Quark Expeditions cruise tailored just for you, now up to 25% off. Choose from two amazing itineraries:

Spitsbergen Explorer: Wildlife Capital of the Arctic

This classic Arctic expedition gives you the best of Spitsbergen, exploring the western edge of the island and venturing into the outlying northern areas. Encountering unique Arctic wildlife is the order of the day here, including dozens of species of birds, polar bears, seal and walruses, reindeer and foxes. Whale-watching will become second nature.

This is the perfect expedition for those wanting total adventure, including tundra hikes, thrilling Zodiac cruises, and much more.

Duration: 11 days, with several departures through June and July

From $6,295

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Learn more here or call a Polar Travel Advisor for details – 1.888.892.0073.

Introduction to Spitsbergen: Polar Bear Safari

This voyage gives you a taste of everything the Arctic has to offer, from astonishing wildlife to spectacular scenery. You’ll be treated to daily presentations by your Expedition Team on board the ship and wildlife sightings on land. Hike, explore and enjoy the beauty of the Arctic on this exciting visit to the Svalbard Archipelago.

Key highlights include possible encounters with polar bears, walruses and reindeer, hikes in continuous daylight, Zodiac cruises that put you right at the heart of the action and optional sea kayaking.

Duration: 9 days, with several departures in June and July.

From $5,295.

Use promo code ARC25 for up to 25% off + flight and hotel credit on select voyages

Learn more here or call a Polar Travel Advisor for details – 1.888.892.0073.

The Endless Sky Is the Limit

With savings of up to 25%, this offer is hard to pass up – so don’t! Spitsbergen is a true Arctic delight, sure to make memories that will last a lifetime. Just wait until you see the look on the faces of your friends when you tell them you’re “summering in the Arctic” this year.

For more information about traveling to Spitsbergen with Quark Expeditions, contact a Polar Travel Adviser at 1.888.892.0073 and quote the promo code above. Visit for full details.