The Liquid Power of Nature at Imperial Karlovy Vary

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Europe has discovered the power of natural healing resources centuries ago and hundreds of thousands of people travel every year to spas where these natural remedies can be found. Karlovy Vary is the largest spa of the Czech Republic and Hotel Imperial is proud to be serving its visitors for the last 105 years.

The medical concept of complex spa treatments at Hotel Imperial is a curative process led by physicians based on using natural resources found in Karlovy Vary and its surrounding areas – thermal waters, gasses and peloids, curative rehabilitation, physical and exercise care, diet therapy, medico-mental therapy, and so called small psychotherapy. The company adheres to the policy of the World Health Organisation and tries to positively affect its guests in the whole complexity of the term, defined as the condition of physical, mental, social and aesthetic well-being.


During a spa stay, each guest receives maximum care. The treatment follows individual plans based on the patient’s current health condition. The flawless hotel service helps each guest to forget about everyday obligations and stress. During their free time, each guest has space to focus on their inner self, bringing about a peace of mind. The aesthetic well-being of the spa is embodied by the stylish environment of the hotel as well as by its special location in the historic centre of the world-famous spa city with rich cultural heritage.


The starting point of each treatment is the drinking cure of local thermal waters with high contents of ions, mineral salts and gasses which immediately interact with the human body. Water from the Karlovy Vary warm mineral springs contains forty-seven elements that are important for our bodies. It has beneficial effects on the entire digestive system and metabolism, it improves immunity against various ailments and the overall purification of our bodies. Hotel Imperial also uses this water for baths, inhalations, digestive and other procedures.


The thermal water contains a natural warm ion-based solution consisting of dissolved carbon dioxide, sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, bicarbonate, sulphate, chloride and many other mineral substances in small quantities.

After drinking, it goes through the upper digestive tract into the stomach, then it empties into the bowels and the elements are absorbed. They go through the blood system into the liver or through the lymphatic system directly to body tissues and the circulatory system. Not surprisingly, the thermal water has effects not only in the stomach and bowels, in the liver and pancreas, but it also affects the body’s overall metabolism. Taking into consideration that during a spa treatment of three weeks, guests will drink 1 litre of thermal water containing approximately 6.5 g of mineral substances daily and our body will receive up to 140 g of mineral substances during the treatment period.

In Karlovy Vary we observe the healing power of nature every day. Hotel Imperial built its proud tradition on the potential of spa treatments which is coupled with flawless service and enthusiasm surrounding what we do.

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