Finding Balance, Finding Relief

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The number of patients choosing medical cannabis to help manage symptoms from a wide range conditions continues to grow. When conventional medications aren’t enough, medical cannabis is helping patients find the relief they need.

Relief Comes from Cannabinoids

The cannabis plant contains over 144 compounds called cannabinoids, of which the two most researched and well-known are THC and CBD. For many patients, it is determining which of these compounds to use for treatment, and how much, that provides a challenge.

THC can often provide enhanced relief for pain, reduce nausea and help with insomnia, but it is also the substance that provides the euphoric feeling of being “high,” which many patients would prefer to avoid. CBD on the other hand is better for neuropathic pain, reduces seizures and decreases anxiety.

THC Benefits CBD Benefits
  • Reduces nausea and vomiting
  • Relieves pain and inflammation
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Decreases anxiety and paranoia
  • Reduces or controls seizures
  • Relieves neuropathic pain
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory

THC or CBD, Which to Choose?

Many patients feel like they must choose either THC or CBD for the most effective treatment, but that isn’t the case. Products with an even balance of THC and CBD provide the benefits of both and work together synergistically to deliver additional benefits.

THC + CBD Benefits
All of the individual benefits PLUS:
  • Enhanced pain relief over a longer time
  • Reduction in THC-related euphoria (less feeling of being high)

By utilizing a balanced medical cannabis product a patient can enhance their treatment to better meet their own unique needs. Also, with a carefully structured treatment plan it is possible to greatly minimize the euphoric effects of THC, giving you relief without getting you high.

A Solution Ready to Ingest

CanniMed, a CARP Recommended Partner, is a pioneer in the medical cannabis industry, helping patients to find relief with a variety of medical cannabis products produced to the highest pharmaceutical standards. They offer a number of THC/CBD balanced products, with their CanniMed® Oil 10:10 being one of the most popular.

A major benefit of the oil is the ability to provide precise, consistent dosage, making it easier for patients and their physicians to determine a course of treatment. As well, the effects of medical cannabis oil last longer than if you vaporize it which is ideal for patients who want sustained, lasting relief from their symptoms.

Patient Comments on CanniMed® 10:10 Oil

The 10:10 Oil has been a God Send for my condition. I wish not to sound dramatic, but there aren’t enough good things to say about it for the ailments I’m personally dealing with. I can honestly say beyond a shadow of a doubt, the worst amount of pain is reduced down to 40 to 50%. – Sean

I have ALS and it has improved my appetite, and is really effective for pain. I was very apprehensive in starting Medical Marijuana products last year, but on the advice of my pain doctor, I am glad that I did. I have cut back on my opioid meds in half. – Paul

I have muscular/spinal pain as well as PTSD and with this I am able to function. – TR

The CBD’s counter balance the THC nicely. I use this medication for muscle and joint pain but can’t be stoned all day. This combination eliminated the pain with no adverse psychotropic effects at my current dose. – Justin

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