ClearFlow Plumbing

Rob Kisielewski – Plumber

Rob has been plumbing for 15 years and has experience working in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and high-rise settings. Specializing in drinking water safety, specifically backflow installation and testing, his business, ClearFlow Plumbing, is based out of Hamilton and services the areas along the Queen Elizabeth Way. Quality is his first priority, as his company slogan is “Done Right. Guaranteed.” That’s the rule he lives by.

He attributes his commitment to excellent customer service to his upbringing. “There were a lot of fundamental years that formed who I am and how I operate,” he says. Rob is a proud member of UA Local 67 and has very high standards. “I’m going into people’s homes or people’s businesses and I treat them how I would want to be treated, and I also try to provide a level of service and commitment to quality that I would expect from anybody working in my own home or business.”

Rob explains that the majority of plumbing takes place in the walls and under the floors, so if anything is compromised or done wrong, the damage potential is huge. A leak can be catastrophic. “I’d rather do the job right, take my time, make sure that I have nothing to worry about and that the customer has nothing to worry about.” As for protecting drinking water, Rob adds, “the health and safety of people, pets and livestock are at stake. There is only one choice: It must be done right.”

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Call Rob at 905-570-7473 or visit his website