Join Joan Collins for “The Time of Their Lives”

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Opening on September 22nd  in Toronto and Vancouver, the delightful feel good comedy “The Time of Their Lives” brings a dash of madcap fun to theatres, as screen legends Joan Collins and Pauline Collins star as an odd couple who set off on an eventful road trip to the South of France when Joan’s character decides to gatecrash an ex-lover’s funeral.  The film matches great laughs with heart-tugging emotion, and most notably it marks the triumphant return of Joan Collins to a delicious starring role – one that indeed, feels as if it was tailor made for her.

In the film Collins plays Helen Shelley, a washed-up movie star living in a grim English retirement home. But when Helen learns that the director of her best-known film has died, she decides she can no longer be trapped in retirement.  She decides she absolutely must go to France for his funeral – invited or not – so she can land herself a part in a movie to resuscitate her long-dead career. Helen soon wrangles Priscilla, an abused wife played by Pauline Collins, into accompanying her. Pooling their limited resources, they hit the road in a tiny blue car, and before long a real friendship begins to emerge between the women, as they recognize that they both still have plenty of time to stand up and get what they really want from life. As the adventure grows they even become entangled in a love triangle with a reclusive Italian millionaire (Franco Nero).

The Time of Their Lives was a surprise box office smash hit in the UK this summer, building largely on great word of mouth from audiences and fans. This is in no small part to the pitch-perfect leading role played by Joan Collins in the film. As the washed up, manipulative and slightly delusional diva Helen, it’s a performance that perfectly references many of Collins’ own most famous roles. Film and TV fans have loved seeing Joan Collins as a diva since she first emerged on the scene in the 1960s.And of course, no one could ever forget Collins as the shoulder-padded, perfectly coifed Alexis Carrington on TV’s “Dynasty,” a now iconic role from one of the biggest hit shows of the 1980s. In The Time of Their Lives, audiences can delight in the references to this the over-the-top screen persona that Collins has cultivated, like the shocking moment in the film where Helen stands on a beach and pulls off her wig. It’s truly an act of defiance for both her character and for the actress who has always been known for her impeccable, picture perfect style.

The film also has won over audiences with its positive message about female friendship and empowerment. Helen and Priscilla have both been through a lot, but rather than resign themselves to unhappiness, their trip allows them a fresh start on life and love. It’s a delight to see two well written, charming female characters “of a certain age” taking center stage and being the focus. And nothing could be more fun than a road trip across the stunning south of France with these two ladies – so this weekend, get ready to join Joan Collins at the cinema, for the feel good hit comedy The Time Of Their Lives!