Guide to Enjoying Social Events with Hearing Loss

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Noisy social gatherings can be challenging when you have hearing loss. The addition of other noise sources such as background music or restaurant chatter can create a listening situation that is difficult even for people with normal hearing.

If you have hearing loss, a little planning can help you socialize with less effort in any number of social situations. Here are some helpful tips to improve your social outings.

Choose your spot

If you’re dining out, select a restaurant with details that minimize background noise. Look for carpeting, cork or acoustic ceiling tiles, curtains, table cloths, seat cushions and other noise-absorbing features. Request a corner table or a quiet spot away from the kitchen.

At parties, stand away from the center of the room and the source of music. Position your back to a wall or soft furnishings, such as curtains, to block distracting sounds. Corners create a good barrier to noise on several sides.

When sitting at a table, select a seat that lets you see as many faces as possible. This will help you read lips when people are speaking. Also, choose brighter lighting to help you pick up visual cues. Sometimes the best seat is the one beside a friend or loved one who can repeat parts of the conversation you may have missed.

Speak up

Do not shy away from telling people that you have a hearing loss. It is tempting to nod and pretend you hear but people are usually happy to accommodate.

Wear your hearing aids

This is one of the most important strategies for hearing better in social settings. You can hear what you want to hear, even in situations with multiple people speaking.  You can even try out different hearing aid settings in advance to see which setting is best in noisy environments.

If you currently do not have hearing aids, but think you might have hearing loss, hearing aids can help! Don’t let hearing loss keep you from enjoying the people and things you love.
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