New Medical Alert Technology Helps Seniors Live Safely on Their Own

We are now facing a growing need to find solutions that help seniors live at home longer – while ensuring their safety if an unexpected fall or accident should happen. The need for safety extends beyond the home as seniors continue to enjoy outdoor activities including walks, gardening, social activities – and also longer distance travel in Canada and US.

Falls are the leading cause of injury among older Canadians. The risk of falling increases proportionately with age. At 80 years, over half of seniors fall annually. Falls cause 85% of seniors’ injury-related hospitalizations and can result in chronic pain, reduced mobility and loss of independence. Getting help as quickly as possible can help reduce the implications of a fall – living on your own has a risk of not being found quickly.

Family members are concerned and can provide some support. However, balancing other life responsibilities and living in different places makes it difficult. How can families get more peace of mind?

The new Caretrak medical alert solution provides an instant connection to Family or the Emergency Response centre – anywhere, anytime.

Caretrak is a wearable pendant with GPS location tracking works both inside and outside of the home. It is fully portable and can travel with you across Canada – and with an easy add-on, snowbirds can travel to the US for the winter and still have a safety connection.

With one push of the S.O.S. button, you speak directly to your care contact through the pendant and your address is automatically tracked and sent. Text and/or email alerts are sent to multiple contacts to keep everyone informed.

The benefit of direct two-way communication through the pendant is that you can tell your care contact exactly what is happening and what help is needed. It does not have a separate base station that may not be close to you like typical home-based solutions.

New fall detection option provides added safety

With the fall detection option, the unit will Automatically connect to family or the emergency centre if a fall is detected. The Caretrak solution comes with an easy false alarm cancellation feature to avoid unnecessary calls. If there is a high risk of going unconscious this solution definitely provides added peace of mind of getting help if someone cannot push the button.

Otherwise, if you are generally healthy, the standard solution without fall detection may be preferred. You can carry it anywhere like in a purse or pocket – instead of against your body at all times. It costs less and does not have false alarms that can be annoying to some.

Unique to Caretrak, you can choose from Family or Emergency Response.

Family Response can be used for less urgent and day-to-day concerns where emergency 911 isn’t immediately required. The unit connects to your care contact of choice and check-in calls can be made by anyone at any time. You can upgrade to the 24/7 Emergency Response option anytime if your situation changes.

There is no installation or landline required and it’s simple!

There is no installation or landline required and can go with you when you travel in Canada in the US. The unit is shipped to your door ready to use and has a 15-day low risk trial period.

Check out the How it Works video and share with your friends and family!

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