Leaving a Lasting Impression on Canada’s Natural World


More and more Canadians are sitting down to decide what legacy they want to leave behind. And everyone is different. Some find themselves drawn to leaving their legacy to a cause that’s made up the fabric of their lives. One that reminds them of their fondest childhood memories. One that has soothed their weariness in tough times. Our natural world. Have you thought about the legacy you want to leave?

Showing Gratitude

Do you remember playing tag with your friends in a neighbourhood park? Racing through the grass barefoot as fast as your legs could carry you. What about the hours you’d spend outside with your siblings and friends on a cold winter day building snow forts? A Canadian childhood is forever linked with the great outdoors.

But I’m sure your relationship with the natural world didn’t end when you grew up. It may have become more of a solace to you as the years passed. Breathing in fresh air as you strolled through a park with your family. Spending an afternoon on the dock, dipping your toes into crystal clear, cool water. Watching songbirds taking a refreshing splash in your bird bath.

Perhaps you’ll ensure your memory lives on in honour of your fondest memories.

Giving the Gift of Wildlife to the Next Generation

Wouldn’t it be a shame if the next generation never got a chance to see a Monarch Butterfly? A gift to the next generation – whether they be your grandchildren or a child you’ve never met before – is a gift to everyone. Watching the wonder in a child’s face when they swim in the ocean for the first time or hear the soothing sound of wind rustling through the trees, are truly amazing things to witness. And giving them a childhood so steeped in nature, as yours was, would be the greatest gift you could give.

Saving Endangered Species

To offer future generations the gift of a healthy natural world, we have some mighty work to do. There are so many animals right here in Canada that are at risk of being extinct. What would Canada be without Polar Bears, Right Whales, Burrowing Owls and Caribou? A shadow of itself. We’re rolling up our sleeves to ensure Canada’s greatest beauty of all  – our natural world – remains intact.  Our country and our children rely on it. That’s precisely why a future gift from you would mean so much.

The Canadian Wildlife Federation is hard at work putting our donor’s generous gifts to good use by:

– Ensuring that wildlife populations and their habitats are conserved in a sustainable manner to be enjoyed for future generations

– Conducting research to help conserve at-risk wildlife like the North Atlantic Right Whale and the Monarch Butterfly

– Educating Canadians about wildlife and habitat and inspiring youth to experience nature so that they too, develop an appreciation and awareness of our natural legacy

A planned gift is a simple and thoughtful act that reflects your commitment to wildlife conservation, your concern for future generations and your love of nature. A future gift, or planned gift, can be a specific gift or a gift of securities, life insurance, publicly traded securities or registered funds such as RRSPs and RRIFs. Please visit CanadianWildlifeFederation.ca/PlannedGiving to learn about how you can make a planned gift.


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