Canada’s Top Trend Is Taking the Elevator… at Home


No longer a luxury home accessory for the super-rich, there is a now growing trend towards stylish and affordable home elevators designed specifically for non-commercial premises.

Whether it is baby boomers searching for that forever home, or families who want a three or four-storey house on a tight inner-city lot, it appears that a mere $20,000-$30,000 for a home elevator is considered a sound investment purchase for many Canadians.

That is to say, everyday homeowners, investing in a property with a home lift get a property which is multi-purpose, multi-functional and geared to remain flexible and relevant for an entire life journey.

New, high-tech elevators designed specifically to blend naturally with your existing living space are taking the marketplace by storm. Sleek, stylish, fast and compact, these new residential elevators, as they are otherwise known, come with bags of visual appeal.

As well as an energy efficient way to carry 2-3 passengers upstairs in no time at all, these home-friendly elevators are also an excellent option to transport heavy groceries, golf clubs and even young children!

Mark Blomfield from Canadian home elevator specialist Stiltz Home Elevators ( explains: “Looking ahead and keeping your home relevant to you is becoming a central theme to home owners and it can start as early as you are ready.

“Sales of our products have grown rapidly because they are slimline, elegant and their smart modular design means each Stiltz lift arrives in small sections and builds back up into almost any space of your choice.”

One customer from Toronto, Peter Krysmanski, installed a Stiltz home elevator following a series of knee operations and said: “I love its simplicity. There is no obstruction on the stairwell like you get with stairlifts and the Stiltz lift has a much faster travel time.

“I’ve also found it useful for carrying cargo between floors such as heavy pot plants, luggage, laundry baskets – even cat boxes! The lift just melts into its surroundings and becomes practically invisible.”

Home lifts are also an excellent solution if the regular stairs are restrictive, whether linked to reduced mobility, a heart condition, asthma or even high

blood pressure, where minimal exertion is needed when moving between floors.

Popular locations to install a home elevator include central living space to main bedroom, the void of a turning staircase, closet to closet – where the owner wants the lift to be completely invisible – and, even from underground garage up to the main building.

Plus, there are a number of additional extras which you can use to upscale your home elevator such as an internal fold down seat, internal grab rail, internal telephone, transparent casing and even a thru car option, which allows the user to enter and exit the elevator from both sides.

This new-age home elevator type is non-claustrophobic, light and airy and there are several safety features which give you confidence and put you in complete control including obstruction sensors, hold-to-run controls and top and bottom safety pans.

As well as adding value to your property in terms of resale, interestingly, you may also be eligible to a tax advantage when purchasing a home elevator. Enquire about Canada’s Home Accessibility Tax Credit (HATC) and you may be able to claim a significant portion of the expense of the lift against your income tax as the Government continues to recognize the importance of keeping people living in the comfort of their home for as long as possible. It certainly seems the only way is up.

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