Enjoy Rebates up to $125 When You Travel and Shop


CARP Members who love to travel and shop internationally can now take advantage of a special, exclusive offer — the CIBC CARP Package with up to $125 in rebates.

The three-part CIBC CARP Package* — for CARP members only — gives you:

1. CIBC Global Money Transfer – Send money worldwide with $0 transfer fee

Global Money Transfers are ideal for connecting with loved ones when you travel — you can transfer funds directly from your CIBC account to more than 50 countries in their local currencies, with $0 transfer fees.

Exchange rates are competitive, funds are deposited directly to recipient’s account in local currencies and transfers are secure and fast —normally within one day.

Open a CIBC account and make your first Global Money Transfer and receive $75. CARP members who already have CIBC accounts and make their first global money transfer will receive $25 credit to their accounts.

2. CIBC Air Canada® AC conversion™ Visa* Prepaid Card – Travel with ease using this multi-currency prepaid card

The CIBC Air Canada® AC conversion™ Visa* Prepaid Card is a travel pre-paid card, not a credit card, which lets you load up to 10 international currencies, including Euros, British Pounds and Mexican Pesos as well as Australian, US and Canadian Dollars. Order the CIBC Air Canada® AC conversion™ Visa* Prepaid Card and CIBC will preload your card with an additional $25.

The CIBC Air Canada® AC conversion™ Visa* Prepaid Card’s secure online system lets you lock in exchange rates, so you don’t have to worry about what’s happening to the dollar day-to-day. Top up and move funds between currencies in the comfort of your own home — or anywhere you are with your laptop or mobile device. And there are no additional conversion fees when you go cybershopping and use your CIBC Air Canada® AC conversion™ Visa* Prepaid Card.

3. CIBC Foreign Cash Online –  Order Foreign Cash online and get it delivered for free to your home or pick up at any CIBC Banking Centre

The CARP Package lets you order foreign cash online using your CIBC Online Banking account — you can pick up your foreign cash at any CIBC Banking Centre or we’ll deliver it for free to you at home. In addition to competitive rates, when you make your first foreign cash purchase we’ll add $25 to your CIBC banking account.

Make international travel safe and easy with the CIBC CARP Package.

No more fishing in your purse or pocket for unfamiliar notes and coins.

No more fumbling with a calculator.

No more worrying about whether you’re getting the right deal for exchanging funds.

Take advantage of the CIBC CARP Package and enjoy up to $125 in rebates if you’re a CARP member.

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See — and shop — the world!

*Conditions apply.