Downsizing Your Home


Here’s how Parkbridge can help make the top four reasons for downsizing make sense:

Lower Monthly Housing Costs: By downsizing from a larger house with higher costs into a Parkbridge home, retirees can do away with existing high monthly house costs such as an existing mortgage, large heating and cooling bills, home maintenance costs etc. By becoming a Parkbridge homeowner, retirees have the opportunity to free up cash for what is most important in life. Retirees work hard their whole lives and deserve financial and lifestyle freedom throughout their golden retirement years. By land leasing a home in a Parkbridge community, the possibilities for a happy retirement are endless: Finally afford the snowbird lifestyle you’ve been pining after, or that annual cruise you’ve been wanting to build into your travel schedule.

Larger Home is Too Much work: Retirees grow to find that their large house which once served an important purpose with family members still residing at home has become too large with a big home maintenance workload such as lawn mowing, snow shovelling, intensive gardening, cleaning and much more.

At Parkbridge, we believe your retirement years are best spent doing what you truly want to do. Not what you have to do. After all, you’ve earned it. At Parkbridge communities, we take care of time consuming and tiring tasks such as lawn care, snow removal etc. to allow our retirees to focus on what is most important in life and truly enjoy their retirement years to the fullest and Parkbridge home’s well thought out layouts are beautiful yet functional.

Fewer Family Members in the Household: When potential new homeowners arrive at one of our Parkbridge sales centers, we hear over and over again that they simply don’t need their larger homes any longer as all of their children have left the family home and are now homeowners themselves. At Parkbridge we offer smaller-styled, quality homes to typically accommodate couples or singles in our well-designed floor plans that are easily adaptable to everyone’s taste. Not to worry, there is enough room for guests and family visitors.

Want to Free up Cash from Prior Home: With Parkbridge’s land lease concept, freeing up cash is exactly what Parkbridge home ownership is all about. By freeing up cash in your now too-large home and purchasing a Parkbridge home, retirees are able to now have access to money through the downsizing process. What you do with that money is their choice. Many Parkbridge homeowners are snowbirds, frequent travellers, purchase nearby golf memberships or their dream car or boat, or simply create more retirement savings for themselves that may have not otherwise been possible.

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