Giant US Lottery Jackpots. Yes, now you can enter from Canada!

There was a time as a Canadian when you couldn’t even think about entering those mega U.S. lotteries. You know, the ones with the $500 million-plus prizes.

You would be sitting watching TV and the news would come up about a giant win somewhere in the United States and you would be thinking “wouldn’t it be great to win that?” The prizes are so big, the draws are so frequent. You drift away on a dream about what you’d do if you could access those winnings. Homes, holidays, boats, parties, maybe even a private island! All these things would come within your extravagant reach. And until now, the idea of competing in one of these lotteries was nothing but a dream.

That’s all changed now because of LottoLand.

It’s as simple as going online to They take care of getting you in to the lottery of your choice which you “play” here in Canada. Since its launching in 2013, Lottoland has grown rapidly to become a world leader in the online lottery jackpot market. They believe in constantly innovating, with access to new games and new opportunities.

Lottoland is dedicated to offering players a special and unique gaming experience, which has been the key to their success.

And it’s not just the United States. Lottoland players are able to bet on the largest lotteries around the world. There are mega jackpots available seven days a week. Major draws are available at including Euro millions, Euro jackpot, and USA Powerball and Megaball lotteries.

Don’t feel envious of all those people that can enter the big-time lotteries. Now you too can do it! Go online and get inspired. Play now!