Rexall’s Medication Management Tools Simplify Caregiving


As a primary caregiver, providing care and support to a loved one can be challenging, whether that’s managing their condition or disease, diet and exercise regimen, frequent medical visits, finances and expenses, day-to-day support, and medications.

Rexall’s medication management tools can help simplify caregiving, as they are:

  • Helpful reminders and easy to use;
  • Customized and designed to meet the specific needs of your loved one.

Rexall’s tools support you, so you can continue to support your loved one hassle-free of having to manage their medications. Your Rexall pharmacy can help, here’s how:

Med Organizer

Are you trying to ensure your loved one is taking the right medication, in the right dose, at the right time? Rexall’s Med Organizer is a convenient pack, simply designed to organize all medications into 7-day blister packs so your loved one is always taking their medications as prescribed by their physician.

A weekly card containing 28 separate clear bubbles called ‘blisters’ are filled with the medications and set for the days and times as prescribed by the physician. All your loved one needs to do, based on the time of day, is to push out the medications through the foil seal.

If you are accompanying your loved one to their medical visits, or other day-trips, the Med Organizer is a convenient way to travel with their medications. In times of emergencies, it also lays out all the medications, in an organized manner, for emergency health care providers to review.

Auto Refill

Your Rexall pharmacy remembers to refill your loved one’s medications, so you don’t have to. With Auto Refill, your Rexall pharmacy will automatically refill the medication when it is due for refill and before it runs out. Your Rexall pharmacy will also notify you of when the medication is ready to be picked up.

Rexall takes the hassle out of having to keep track of refilling medications, as you don’t have to remember to call and ask to refill every time. You’ll never miss a refill because it will already be waiting for you to pick up or to be delivered to your door.


Are you trying to refill multiple medications on different due dates and having to make multiple trips to the pharmacy to pick each medication up? If your loved one has 2 or more refill medications, OneStopMeds syncs all the different pick up dates into one convenient pick up appointment. This results in fewer trips to the pharmacy and you get to choose your one pick up appointment for all the medications.

Medication Review

Arm yourself with knowledge! A medication review can help you better understand the medication therapy and ensure that medications are being taken as prescribed.

A Rexall Medication Review provides you with the opportunity to sit down one-on-one, with your loved one and your Rexall Pharmacist, to review all prescription and non-prescription medications. Through the review process, your Rexall Pharmacist will determine if each medication is right for your loved one, is taken the right way at the right time and answer any questions or concerns you may have. In addition, your Rexall Pharmacist will safely dispose of all old, expired, or unused medications for you.

Did you know, in Ontario specifically, Rexall offers At Home Medication Reviews? Your Rexall Pharmacist will visit you & your loved one in their home to complete the medication review process, if you’re unable to physically visit the pharmacy.

Rexall knows caregiving can be challenging and we can help make it simpler, with our medication management tools. Speak with your Rexall Pharmacist today to learn more.

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