Why Retirement Doesn’t Have to Mean a Home Move – Thanks to a New Breed of Home Elevator


With people living longer and staying active longer, retirement is evolving. You no longer reach 65 and retire to the golf course or the garden. In fact, nowadays, what retirement means to one person, can mean something completely different to someone else. Specialist businesses are introducing new services and solutions to seniors which is challenging the status quo and this extends to modern solutions which influence where and how retirees choose to live.

Once the stairs become challenging, it is no longer an automatic decision that you only have one choice and that is to sell up and downsize. There is a new way, which works with your lifestyle and is designed to work beautifully in the home environment – a private home elevator.

Affordable, slender, attractive and a hardworking multi-tasker, the new generation of private home elevator is anything but boxy or clunky. In fact, home elevator manufacturers are bringing home-friendly, discreet and semi-silent products to the table and by doing this they are creating a whole new world of choices for seniors who prefer to ‘home improve’ over ‘home move’.   

One of the top advantages of having an elevator in your home is the increased freedom you will experience due to the improved accessibility. Installing a good quality residential elevator means every part of your home can be accessed with ease. As well as being more efficient than stair lifts, an installed elevator is also an excellent alternative if you have a narrow or curved staircase in your home.

From a technical standpoint, through-floor home lifts are particularly impressive, as they require very little building work, some only need a simple opening made in the ceiling for the elevator to pass through. Many self-support, without the need for a supporting wall or noisy machine room, which means they fit seamlessly within the home from the point of installation.

Installation can take as little as one day and a home lift can travel between floors in under 30 seconds. Most are ultra-energy efficient, plugging straight into the wall, using no more electricity than a standard household appliance.

Design does not disappoint either, and some of the most popular selling models come in discreet muted colourways, which the option to bespoke if required.

Mark Blomfield from Canadian home elevator specialist Stiltz Home Elevators explains: “Design and functionality go hand in hand at Stiltz. Just because you have retired doesn’t mean you shouldn’t demand the best for your home and your home elevator has to work with the way you like to live.

“We have seen a huge increase in the sales of our home elevators in recent months as couples approaching retirement want to get set to stay in the homes they love as they have no intention of downsizing. They like their street, their neighbours and the homes they have built together.

“Sales of our products have grown rapidly because they are compact, chic and their intelligent modular design means each Stiltz home lift arrives in small sections and builds back up into almost any space of your choice.”

The home elevator is not just for people either, it is a hardworking multi-tasker which is brilliant for transferring heavy luggage, the vacuum cleaner, laundry and even the grandchildren smoothly and safely between floors.

Every home elevator comes with a remote control, so whenever you are you can call the elevator to you, for maximum convenience.

To find out more about how a private home elevator can change the way you live your retirement, click here. You can also contact the Stiltz Home Elevators team at [email protected]. Live in the USA? You can contact the team here at Stiltz Home Elevators.