Retirement Choices: Why Home Move When You Can Home Improve?


To face the future head on, your home needs to be in tip top shape. Just as our family life goes through changes, our homes change and evolve over time to meet our needs.

In later years, as grown up children venture out and retirement approaches, we begin to consider the homes we live in and whether we need the space, or the funds from selling up, or whether we don’t want to leave at all because the house holds such special memories. If you love the place you live, and don’t want to move or downsize, now is the time to look at making practical adaptations to suit your future needs.

The main three modifications to adapt your home, are going to need to be made to the kitchen, the bathroom and how to tackle getting up the stairs.

In the kitchen, you should consider the height and weight of everything. A kitchen which can be used without too much bending, stretching or lifting, avoids accidents. You can look to integrated appliances which are at waist height and pots and pans which are lighter. Storage cupboards for food and tins should be at a sensible height to reach. For bathrooms, walk in baths and anti-slip flooring can still be attractive and stylish but reduce slips and falls, while you can still invest in these larger purchases.

Getting up the stairs, when they become too much of a challenge, used to be the sole remit of an old-fashioned stair lift, but the mobility industry is coming along at lighting speed and the residential elevator is head and shoulders above the rest for style, speed and practicality.

In terms of functionality, the Stiltz Home Elevator is a leader in its field and is specifically so popular because of its compact footprint, preserving valuable floorspace. It accommodates two passengers travelling up together and moves between floors in under 30 seconds.

The Stiltz is very flexible and can be installed in almost any location in the home. It is powered by a small quiet motor stored discreetly in the lift lid and, once installed, plugs straight into a domestic power socket so no expensive reworking of pipes or electrics is required.

The Stiltz lift is also very attractive. Gone are the days of a home elevator looking medical and clunky, now they can be sleek, stylish and something to be proud of as, one Stiltz home elevator owner, Leslie, explained: “I like the small footprint and simple, sleek design.  It blends in well in my hallway where it is installed. I’d 100 per cent recommend the lift to others.”

One customer from Toronto, Mr Krysmanski said: “This home elevator is a great concept and requires minimal structural work. I love its simplicity.”

And another customer, Mrs Lavdar, added: “It is just so easy to use. If you are able to push and hold a button, you can use it. Even my 90-year-old mother can use it.”

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