Relax and Rejuvenate in Amazing Thailand


Whether you are looking to spend two weeks in absolute relaxation or simply want to enhance your vacation with some pampering experiences, check out the many Goway Travel Thailand packages that promise to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

If you’re new to this concept, here are a few points to consider as you think of Thailand.

Distance.  Yes, it is a long journey from Canada to Thailand, but once you arrive at this exotic destination, you will discover the reason why over 64% of Canadians keep returning.  World-renowned Thai hospitality, an incredible array of accommodation, attractions and experiences make Thailand a top favorite for travellers around the globe.

Diversity:  Although Thailand is commonly recognized for its breathtaking beaches, visitors can choose to visit one or several regions of Thailand in one journey with each region offering different attractions, language, food, history and art.  Combined with the Buddhist culture, Thailand is the perfect destination choice.  From the mountainous North to the spectacular beaches of the South, there are plenty of options to find an experience to match your personal taste and budget.

Value:  Thailand offers wonderful value for every dollar you spend as well as some of the most affordable luxury that you will find anywhere.   Regardless of your personal preferences, Goway Travel’s experts can customize a trip of a lifetime for you and your family and friends.

Photo courtesy of the Tourism Authority of Thailand


Here are some wonderful Goway Travel ‘Thailand’ options for you to consider:

Escape & Enjoy

If you simply wish to escape from the world and relax in paradise, a myriad of choices are available.  Choose one of Thailand’s many coastal areas and relax amidst coconut trees and breathtaking seascapes or venture north to experience small local communities and laid-back lifestyles.  Accommodation choices range from unique local accommodations and boutique hotels all the way up to world-class luxury.

Pamper Yourself

A trip to Thailand can do wonders for your health at any time, but a stay at a luxury spa resort like the Well Hotel in Bangkok or the Amatara Wellness Resort in Phuket will take your wellness vacation to completely different level. The Amatara Wellness Resort is a fully equipped luxury wellness resort, with a choice of six different focuses – detox, spa revive, weight management, active, yoga, and holistic anti-aging.

Check out Goway Travel’s ‘Stay of Distinction’ featuring the five-star Amanpuri property in Phuket, the very first of the Aman resorts.  Located in an idyllic setting overlooking the Andaman Sea, this luxurious, serene beach resort offers the perfect escape from everyday life.  Customize your Amanpuri stay to include traditional Thai methods and holistic spa experiences as well as yoga, meditation, and other activities.

Photo courtesy of the Tourism Authority of Thailand


Experiential Discoveries

Set aside time to learn about age-old traditions and healthy lifestyle options that have been passed down through generations.  Visit local markets and discover local herbs and Thai fruits and vegetables that will enhance your well-being.  No trip to Thailand would be complete without taking a Thai cooking class to create healthy and mouth-watering dishes that you can later prepare for your family and friends.

Wellness has always been incorporated into Thai lifestyles and even today, rejuvenating Thai traditional massages can be found in every region of Thailand located on beaches, near temples, shopping malls, and hotels, amongst others.

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